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Dinner Knork 4 Pack Sample

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Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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They work.

11/7/2016 by Kris

I bought these forks for my husband who had a stroke and doesn't have the use of his left hand. The knork gives him more independence when eating. He can cut chicken, pizza and tender beef, which is awesome. The knorks are heavier than normal forks, but not a big deal. They great for scooping us veggies, like corn. I love stuff that gives him the independence he wants and needs!


excellent fork design

11/7/2016 by barnet

weight is perfect; cutting edge performs as shown,pressure point of fork well positioned quality of metal finish (matt)done well
i would give 5 stars


Such fun

10/26/2016 by Sandie

I actually bought these on a whim...might be fun. Well, they are fun, BUT also work so very well. They really do cut, spoon up and can be used like a real fork. They are hefty and comfortable to use. Love them!


Perfect! Knorks Work!

6/20/2016 by Gail

I bought these for my landlady who is blind. Before the Knork, she often needed help cutting meat, veggies, salad. Today, she does her own cutting! It has made her table independent! She loves it! She takes it when we go out so that she can cut her own meats et al. A perfect design that really works!


Let's have another go at it.

4/13/2016 by Roxann

I love these. My arthritis has reached the point that I frequently have insufficient strength in my hands. I ordered my first set when they were introduced, then a set for a friend and now a second set for myself. I love them.


Great idea

3/18/2016 by Debbie

I think these are great, but I returned them because they seem to be made for right-handed people. The company said they are made for both, but the thinnest edge of the Knork is for the right hand. Otherwise, I'd bought another package!!!



2/2/2016 by Lisa

Great weight, very comfortable


Great buy!

1/9/2016 by Reba

I purchased a set of Knorks for a friend with loss of strength in her wrist and hands. She indicated the Knork allowed her to get more food from plate to mouth in one motion, cut her own waffles for instance, and better enjoy eating her food.

I found the Knork a balanced eating utensil with a great look on the table. I am thinking of getting a set for myself.



1/7/2016 by Deitrich

I love this fork, I will be getting more :) Love the feel of it in my hand it lives up to it's cute
name "Knork"


Simple solution that works great!

12/26/2015 by Sherry

Love this item; it's better than a spork! Only wish I would have come up with the idea instead. Nice quality fork even without the knife edge. Will probably be ordering another set or two.

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The Knork Story

Knork - the fork reinvented

Rockin’ Utensils

Ah, the travails of middle school. Making friends, keeping up with schoolwork, trying to eat a pizza in mixed company without making a fool of yourself. That last challenge in particular was a tough one for Mike Miller, who wanted to eat pizza neatly with a fork while trying to impress some young ladies. But it’s not an easy task, and he wound up wishing for a fork-like utensil that incorporated the functionality of the snazzy pizza cutter. Fast forward about a decade, and Mike has invented just such a thing.

Mike left medical school to devote his energy to designing the Knork he envisioned so
many years earlier. He observed the way people eat and engineered a curved, beveled edge and subtle fingertip platform below the tines that gives you leverage when you’re using a rocking motion to cut through foods. The Knork is not meant to replace the knife, but rather work as a better performing fork. These modifications better support the maneuvering we try to do with the standard fork. They even enable a user to both cut and spear food using one utensil and one hand.

Knorks come in stainless steel and are ideal for cocktail parties and other events that call for standing, balancing a plate of food, and trying to eat without making an embarrassing mess. It’s like middle school all over again—but now there’s a better utensil option.
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