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Dinner Knork 4 Pack Sample

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Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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W.O.W !!!

1/16/2019 by Suzan

Over the years my hand coordination using a fork changed to a tablespoon. I’ve purchased many Grommet items and this is definitely a favorite. Beautiful style and work precisely as indicated. I took them on vacation and several restaurant host were very curious! Fork and Knife - how clever!



1/6/2019 by rita

Nice product,
delivered on time, nice looking too



1/4/2019 by Jerry

I am really impressed with these forks. My wife is very pleased also & that is hard to do. Works like a fork, but also cuts like a knife. Two in one. We love them. Will be ordering more for presents.


Super product

1/4/2019 by Joan

This is the best fork I have ever used! It does just what it says : cuts, extra room for finger so it allows easy cutting, deeper curve to allow for extra stability, and the tines pick up food(like salad) much better! I plan to get some more so I can take one with me . I also used the spoon. Only product Icared enough to write a review! Best used by anyone, but especially handicapped and elderly .


Awesome eating tool

1/3/2019 by Paula

Great fork (Knork). Nice weight to it not flimsy. CUts thru softer meats. My blessing since my husband refused to use a knife with the exception of ecutting his steak. Used to make me NUTS! All is good. Than you Groupon, peace reigns.


Love My Knorks

1/1/2019 by Andrea

I liked the concept of these reinvented forks and now that I have them, I actually love them. I find myself always reaching for them instead of my other favorite forks because the Knorks have now become my favorite. The weight of these eating utensils are substantial and are of good quality. I do plan to get the full set at some point but would also like to see a teaspoon 4 pack for the tea and dessert lovers that like to use the same spoon for both.


Love our Knork's!

1/1/2019 by Ricki

We loved our set of Knork's so much that we purchased more for Christmas gifts



12/30/2018 by Debbie

Love knorms! We have used them for years and buy them for a special gift.


Knorks are a hit in Christmas stockings!

12/28/2018 by Mark

Got them as an Interesting stocking gift.


Very happy with my Knorks.

12/21/2018 by Lynette

They're well made with good weight and balance. So far, it cuts thru everything I've used it on with no problem. I bought 2 of the 4 packs so I've always got one clean and ready to use.

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The Knork Story

Knork - the fork reinvented

Rockin’ Utensils

Ah, the travails of middle school. Making friends, keeping up with schoolwork, trying to eat a pizza in mixed company without making a fool of yourself. That last challenge in particular was a tough one for Mike Miller, who wanted to eat pizza neatly with a fork while trying to impress some young ladies. But it’s not an easy task, and he wound up wishing for a fork-like utensil that incorporated the functionality of the snazzy pizza cutter. Fast forward about a decade, and Mike has invented just such a thing.

Mike left medical school to devote his energy to designing the Knork he envisioned so
many years earlier. He observed the way people eat and engineered a curved, beveled edge and subtle fingertip platform below the tines that gives you leverage when you’re using a rocking motion to cut through foods. The Knork is not meant to replace the knife, but rather work as a better performing fork. These modifications better support the maneuvering we try to do with the standard fork. They even enable a user to both cut and spear food using one utensil and one hand.

Knorks come in stainless steel and are ideal for cocktail parties and other events that call for standing, balancing a plate of food, and trying to eat without making an embarrassing mess. It’s like middle school all over again—but now there’s a better utensil option.
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