PowerWrapz - LED Safety Band Sample

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Very useful

6/26/2019 by Joanna

Love this!


Multi.-use LEDSafety Band

1/13/2017 by Nancy

Grand daughter can't wait til summer to try this out. Love the idea!


Great Idea!

12/27/2016 by Connie

We got one of these for each of our sons. They loved it and put them on their bikes. These will be great for my boys to be spotted by cars.


So far so good

9/5/2015 by Jackie

It fits nicely on the back of my bike helmet but I am waiting for the change in daylight savings time to really try it out in the dark..


Cool innovation

7/30/2015 by rich

We put these in our bikes for night riding. They work great. I like the left and right flashing options. We use them as turn signals.


A great Idea

2/10/2015 by Patrick

Using this wrap on my bicycle helmet ensures that I am seen from behind in the dark much better than a small strobe attached to my seat-post.
This is a good piece-of-mind, especially when riding on busy streets. It's at a level where more motorists can see me. And with it in strobe mode I save on battery life as well as I can be more readily seen.


Nice but not!

2/18/2019 by Biking

Nice to be more visible as we have to travel on city streets to reach our biking trails.
We had a problem with the straps breaking. Annoying!
They did replace them with another color.


Really lights up but..,

10/11/2017 by Lynn

The light is excellent. Recommend it for sure. One did arrive with a bery low battery in which I changed it out and it has been very well. The battery was low on the type you clip on you shoe as well.


Great light, but defective webbing

9/21/2017 by Marian

I really like the light, but the strap webbing (if that's what you call it) ripped the first time I used it on my bike. The light is still usable, but I am unimpressed that it is already starting to fall apart.


A material flaw

6/21/2016 by Kate

I bought one for a friend, so we would not have to worry about him pedaling at night. The light is nice and very noticeable in the dark. The material flaw was in the plastic straps that hold it in place. They demo strength and flexibility, but in the case of ours, the straps just disintegrated (both broke in two places) while parked quietly in the garage, three weeks after purchase. The company has generously replaced it, but I hope the have found a better supplier of the straps.

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The 4id Story

4id : Wearable Safety Lights

Night Light

Night owls and 4id Founders, Ron Biron and Rodger Bailey, strive to keep active people safe with their light bands. They’re a great addition to regular exercise gear and slip on easily with no extra bulk.

Wrap them around the heel of your sneaker or bicep, or attach a light-up leash to your canine companion to increase your visibility. The ultra-bright LEDs last for hours, and you can set them to glow continuously or flash. And each light is weatherproof, so you’ll have an extra measure of safety in any conditions.

Whether you’re walking to work early in the morning, or out for an evening jog,
you’ll have additional peace of mind from this bright idea. Read More Read Less