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PowerSpurz Light Up Heel Single Pack Case of 8

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Power Spurz

9/24/2015 by Don

Good purchase. They work very well and can be seen from quite a distance on my evening walks. I was a little bit disappointed that the battery needed replacement after my first walk.


I thought there were 2!

8/31/2015 by Allison

These lights are as advertised, but I thought I was ordering two. I think it is important to not only have a light, but also give an idea to motorists WHAT the thing is. So two lights on feet would signal the think is a runner. I thought two came in an order, so now I guess I'll order another.


Handy but why only one?

2/16/2015 by April

I like it. It doesn't bounce or pinch or anything. I put it on and forget I have it. Wish two came in every package - But it works well.


The price is for ONE, not two

1/4/2015 by Rhonda

I thought from the photo that one purchase was for two heel lights; I would have bought two if I'd known but it was a Christmas gift and it was too late. Nonetheless, the recipient likes it very much.


Fun but flawed

1/20/2016 by Karen

These shoe lights are fun but they slip all over my shoe heels (the grippers aren't deep enough to stay in place), I often accidentally turn them on without realizing it by hitting them against something, and as someone remarked in comments before I bought them, the lights should be on the front of the shoes not the back because the safe way is to face oncoming traffic.



1/15/2016 by Molly

I bought one and then a second. The first one pretty quickly became so dim as to be useless. Maybe it needs a battery, but I had not used it more than 30 hours. They fit comfortably on my shoes and are easy to put on and remove.


buy 2 if you want a pair

10/5/2015 by Amy

I'm sure it mentions it somewhere but if you're like me and saw the running pictures and just assumed that they were sold in pairs... they are NOT, so buy two. I haven't tried them yet, purchased as a gift and need to purchase another before gifting.


I thought I was ordering 2 also!

9/3/2015 by Kari

I think these are a bit pricy for what they are. I was also under the thought that I was ordering 2 as well. I am very disappointed because there are other options that are less expensive.


Good idea

7/30/2015 by rich

I like having ankle lights for night biking. These have good light visibility and color.
I would appreciate a softer fit in the heel for better comfort. If you can find a more plyable material, the item would be a 5 rating from me.


quantity to purchase

12/26/2014 by lindsay

quantity is 1. not as in 1 pair, but one singular light. I feel a fool for assuming that they would be sent as a pair. Excitement faded quickly for this as a gift.

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