GPS Connected Smart Travel Lock

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The AirBolt Story

Lock your suitcase from your phone.

Smart Trackers

AirBolt Maker Kabir Sidhu has smartened up the way we move about in the world by creating trackers that make it easy to stay on top of a suitcase or wallet’s whereabouts with the help of crowdsourced GPS technology.

The TSA-approved, Bluetooth-enabled luggage lock tracks your bag and even lets you lock and unlock it when it’s not at your side. Or you can create a unique touch sequence to gain access for a phone-free option. The wireless tracking card does the same type of keep-in-touch job with your wallet. It fits like a credit card and monitors your wallet’s whereabouts. Tap the app and the
card (and your wallet) will buzz or sound an alert. It can work on just about anything you want to be able to track, and if you can’t find your phone? No worries—double tap the smart card, and the app will sound off to help you locate it. Read More Read Less