Filterless Air Purifier - 450 Sq Ft

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Easy to use

7/20/2020 by Miriam

I have this plugged in constantly in my family room. I can't vouch for its effectiveness in specific terms but trust it is working.


Great product

8/18/2019 by Loretta

I bought three of these, two for my daughter and one for myself. I like the fact there are no filters or HEPA filter to replace and no dust! And I like the light at the top you can touch to change the color. Great product!



6/26/2019 by Yareny

No noise, looks great and does the job


Working really well

6/26/2019 by Dorothy

I'm using it in my bedroom and after a week of having it plugged in I stopped waking up with a sore throat. I don't use use light, but my granddaughters love seeing the light on.


Best aircleaner

6/23/2019 by Julie

I love how this air cleaner makes no sound but cleans the air great.


Great Product

2/27/2019 by Sydney

Recently diagnosed with asthma and use in bedroom. Like that it is quiet and discrete.


2nd one I bought

2/24/2019 by Michelle

Purchased one for each of the kids rooms to help with the indoor winter air problems. They are having less respiratory issues now that these are running.


It works! The cough went away!

1/19/2019 by Michelle

My child has mild asthma and we live in a cold climate with the heater on all winter. This make the indoor air quality poor and causes her to cough from November to March. Since placing this in her room and closing the door at night, her cough cleared up and she sleeps through the night, which means we ALL sleep through the night. I plan to buy a few more when I can afford them.


Seems to Help

7/25/2018 by Vicki

Although it’s difficult to tell if this item is working, since it’s totally silent, I do seem to be sleeping better at night with less coughing & congestion.


Don’t waste your money

7/15/2019 by Cissy

Lightweight. First time it fell over the light went out. Fell over again. No longer works. Lasted less than 9 months

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The Airfree Story

Clean, sterilized air at the press of a button.

Silent Purifier

Airfree is a filterless air purifier that targets mold, dust mites, and other allergens, and it works stealthily to clean the air in your space. Because there are no moving parts or fans, the purifier is completely silent. And it’s close-to-effortless to operate, too. Just turn it on and leave it on for consistently cleaner air.

A ceramic core is the source of the cleansing magic in all of Airfree’s purifiers. It continually draws in air through convection and sterilizes it with heat that’s over 400 degrees. The heat kills irritants and allergens in the air like pet dander, bacteria, viruses,
and pollens. The freshly cleaned air cools super-fast—in just seconds—and is sent back out into the room. There are no filters to change and there are different purifiers to suit the size of your space. It’s a low-energy, but high-powered alternative to getting cleaner air. Read More Read Less