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Alchemy does work!

8/17/2016 by DAC

Did it really turn my base metal jewlery into gold? Not really, however, it did protect my costume jewlery (and skin) from turning green.
There was no damage done to any of the jewlery pieces. Remember to take the rubber stops of the earring post before spraying.
My order arrived in just two days, in perfect condition.
I recommend anyone who has problems wearing costume jewlery to give Alchemy a try.


Just what I needed

8/16/2016 by Stephanie

I often experience skin sensitivity with some of my favorite jewelry. After I used this spray on a couple of my necklaces, I was able to wear each of them all day without any rash or itching. Love it! Thank you.



12/31/2015 by Katherine

My custom jewelry has been renewed! I can now wear it with confidence.


Protects sensitive skin

8/19/2015 by Marsha

I make and sell crystal beaded earrings. I buy only hypoallergenic ear wires as some people have extremely sensitive earlobes. However, it has been my experience that not all "hypoallergenic" ear wires are the same. Some may still contain various metals to which a few people react. I now coat all the ear wires several times with this spray and, thus far, have had no returns or complaints. I tell my customers that all the ear wires have been treated with a protective coating spray which may wear off after several weeks of use. But, if those with sensitive earlobes do begin to experience some irritation, to please bring the earrings back to me and I will retreat them (that also brings them back into my shop).


Alchemy is Magical

8/4/2015 by Rita

This product is wonderful, I can again wear jewelry!


Love this product

6/2/2015 by Dorothy

Excellent product. does exactly what it's supposed to do.
Buying another.


It works

5/11/2015 by Jill

I sprayed a pair of earrings that I couldn't wear for very long. I wore them all day today with no problem. Great product!



4/6/2015 by Jennifer

I had several necklaces I couldn't wear, even though they were Sterling silver. They made my neck break out in a red, itchy rash. Thanks to this product I can wear some of my favorite jewelry again.


Terrific Idea and Terrific Product!

4/5/2015 by Jennifer

Have only had it for a short time and used only one application on my costume jewelry, but so far so good. I know I will be buying more costume jewelry now because of Alchemy and not having to worry about the pieces discoloring after two or three wearings. Now I can indulge in some of the more trendy pieces without spending a fortune on "real" gold or platinum. Thanks Alchemy!



3/30/2015 by Susan

I have very bad allergic reactions to costume jewelry. With this product I am able to wear fun costume jewelry without having what looks like a rope burn around my neck! I love this product.

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The Alchemy Story

Alchemy - Jewelry Sealer

Bauble Barrier

Wear your favorite earrings, rings, necklaces, and more without skin irritation or discoloration. Simply spray jewelry with Alchemy and, once dried, you can't see it, feel it, or smell it. It’s working, though—like an invisible, barely-there barrier between jewelry and skin.

Alchemy is a water-based, proprietary polymer blend that is easy to use: spray it on, let it dry, and your jewelry is ready to wear. Plus, it’s alcohol- and fragrance-free—meaning no harsh smell. And Alchemy actually protects jewelry as well, slowing the oxidation process, so it doesn’t tarnish as easily. Overall, Alchemy
is a far better solution than putting clear nail polish on your baubles.

As a jewelry Maker, founder Ashley Colonna was familiar with the problems metal can cause. She created Alchemy spray for people to enjoy their bling without worrying about it affecting their skin.

With Alchemy spray, wear your jewelry with confidence and comfort.
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