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Very Highly Recommend Alchemy

3/29/2015 by Christina

I am so glad to have discovered this product. My only regret is that it didn't exist years & years ago. I used to paint clear nail polish on my yellow gold jewelry per my jeweler's suggestion.

Alchemy not only dries much faster than nail polish, it lasts just as long - which in itself totally took me by surprise since this is water-based. I wash my hands a lot during the day for medical reasons & one coat of Alchemy on my ring lasts for almost a full week.

I would highly recommend this product as well as buy it as a gift for a friend in need.


Great product

3/28/2015 by Denise

Product worked well. After using on a favorite necklace I was able to wear it all day without irritation.


Alchemy Spray

3/26/2015 by Karen

The jewelry spray works great. Too bad it was not invented many years ago.


Great product

3/25/2015 by Cherry

The spray is wonderful. I had a necklace that I wore one time to a function and had to take it off because it was burning my neck.

After spraying the necklace and letting it dry, I am happy to
report that I have worn it several times with no problems.



It works!

3/23/2015 by Barbara

Having learned the cause of my allergic skin reaction was gold, I was sad to put my gold jewelry away - especially my wedding ring set. When I saw this product posted, I ordered a can right away. I laid out all of my gold jewelry and sprayed both sides. And then the can was empty. I was surprised but ordered three more cans because Alchemy has worked on my wedding rings and other jewelry so I want to keep it on hand. I"m grateful to have learned about Alchemy from The Grommet!



3/23/2015 by Marilyn

It works! Thank you!


Alchemy Jewelry Spray

3/23/2015 by Tia

Miracle in a can! I developed an allergy to sterling earrings several years ago and have sadly given up being able to wear silver ever again - One spritz of Alchemy and I have a whole new earring "wardrobe" to choose from! No irritation, no redness. LOVE LOVE LOVE!



3/23/2015 by Tamara

Works just fine.


Does the Job!

2/16/2016 by Diane

Unfortunately, one bottle arrived with a defective spray nozzle, so I haven't been able to use it. My fault for not contacting the seller - I was planning on sending it to my daughter, whose skin is even more sensitive than mine. She can only wear platinum. I'm limited to gold and platinum. What a joy to spray this on some lovely old pieces I have and be able to wear them again!


Not worth the price.

12/22/2016 by Carol

Not worth the price.

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The Alchemy Story

Alchemy - Jewelry Sealer

Bauble Barrier

Wear your favorite earrings, rings, necklaces, and more without skin irritation or discoloration. Simply spray jewelry with Alchemy and, once dried, you can't see it, feel it, or smell it. It’s working, though—like an invisible, barely-there barrier between jewelry and skin.

Alchemy is a water-based, proprietary polymer blend that is easy to use: spray it on, let it dry, and your jewelry is ready to wear. Plus, it’s alcohol- and fragrance-free—meaning no harsh smell. And Alchemy actually protects jewelry as well, slowing the oxidation process, so it doesn’t tarnish as easily. Overall, Alchemy
is a far better solution than putting clear nail polish on your baubles.

As a jewelry Maker, founder Ashley Colonna was familiar with the problems metal can cause. She created Alchemy spray for people to enjoy their bling without worrying about it affecting their skin.

With Alchemy spray, wear your jewelry with confidence and comfort.
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