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We'll see.....

1/5/2016 by Laura

I received my order in a timely manner. I ordered the set of two. One was for myself, and the other a gift for a friend. She came by my office today and brought the bottle with her. The spray nozzle would not function properly. No spray would come out at all. I came home and checked my product (I haven't had time to use it yet) butmy spray nozzle works fine. I will give her my bottle and I will just have to see how return of my product is handled. This is my first purchase with The Grommet. I rated the product a 3 of 5 simply because I don't know how the exchange will go. I hope I have the opportunity to give a 5 rating if the replacement is handled well.


Easy to use.

12/5/2015 by Sandra

I have sprayed a few pieces, but haven't worn them yet.


It sort of works

7/13/2015 by Kathleen

I really really wanted this to solve my allergic reaction to nickel. It did make a difference with jewelry I knew previously left me itchy, but as the day progressed, it didn't work as well. I suspect it works for a limited period of time in a day and then you need to reapply it. I have not tried this yet.

I also noticed that you have to give the spray time to dry before you put the jewelry on. I would recommend you spray the night before so this is not an issue in the morning when you're scrambling to get ready.


Didn't work for me

10/17/2016 by Juliev

I was looking forward to using this as I haven't been able wear earring for several years. Used them on a pair of sterling silver earrings but had to remove them before the day was over. Could feel my ears starting to get sore. Back to the drawing board.


Ok but not great

8/22/2016 by Nancy

I had hoped this was an answer to nail polish but discovered that it really isn't. I sprayed it on a favorite metal ring and let it dry for a couple of days. I wore the ring for the first time and the "spray" just peeled right off and I still had a green finger. Hopefully, it will work better on other not as think metal rings.....



3/21/2017 by Sandy

I was really hoping this would allow me to wear some less expensive jewelry, but same itching for me and green on the jewelry.



10/10/2016 by Erica

I bought this because my ears are extremely sensitive to every type of earring I've tried (platinum, niobium, stainless steel, plastic, gold, silver, etc.). This did not make any difference, in fact, it might have made it worse. I sprayed this on the earring post, let it dry and tried it. As usual, my earlobes were burning after 2 hours of wear, plus my earlobes still hurt for a day and a half after using this.



4/15/2016 by aj


My mom has a minor allergic reaction to fashion jewelry. Her skin gets irritated if she wears anything other than sterling silver or precious metals. Me and my sister, on the other hand, do not get red skin patches; but our fingers do turn green whenever we wear rings. Hoping to never have to deal with these problems again, we purchased this spray and It did absolutely nothing! If anything, it sped up the process of tarnishing and skin discoloration. It was like we were spraying water on our jewelry! My mom actually got an allergic reaction from the spray itself..needless to say, we are all very disappointed :(

I hope this review helps other consumer's out there in making the decision to NOT purchase this product. Save your money


Didn't work!

5/19/2015 by Joe

My wife was thrilled with the notion that a last something was available that would allow her to again wear jewelry. I even bought her a new watch to launch this new option. She tried it and began quickly having a reaction -- itchyness and a red bruise like irritation on her skin. Sorry, but it just hasn't worked for us. She returned the watch! Disappointed.


Doesn't really work

3/11/2015 by Cameron

I bought this product for my girlfriend who has a metal allergy that even sterling silver and surgical stainless steel breaks her neck out. After trying everything on a necklace she got for Christmas we tried "alchemy". She followed the directions perfectly and after letting it dry properly, she wore it for 15 - 20 minutes and her neck started breaking out.

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The Alchemy Story

Alchemy - Jewelry Sealer

Bauble Barrier

Wear your favorite earrings, rings, necklaces, and more without skin irritation or discoloration. Simply spray jewelry with Alchemy and, once dried, you can't see it, feel it, or smell it. It’s working, though—like an invisible, barely-there barrier between jewelry and skin.

Alchemy is a water-based, proprietary polymer blend that is easy to use: spray it on, let it dry, and your jewelry is ready to wear. Plus, it’s alcohol- and fragrance-free—meaning no harsh smell. And Alchemy actually protects jewelry as well, slowing the oxidation process, so it doesn’t tarnish as easily. Overall, Alchemy
is a far better solution than putting clear nail polish on your baubles.

As a jewelry Maker, founder Ashley Colonna was familiar with the problems metal can cause. She created Alchemy spray for people to enjoy their bling without worrying about it affecting their skin.

With Alchemy spray, wear your jewelry with confidence and comfort.
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