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Easy on the knees

5/5/2020 by Michael

I have an injured knee and it has hindered finding a good position for meditation. This stool solved the problem. I am 5'11" and it fits well. It is so comfortable that my Relaxation and grounding are improved. It is light and easy to transport. The leather is easy to clean. I would recommend this product to others.


Excellent Comfortable Helps my practice

7/26/2018 by Sandra

This chair is ideal for me. It fits me perfectly at 5’5”
I have chronic pain from an accident and found my meditation practice suffered until I bought this. I may buy another one! My 5’9” girlfriend felt it did not fit her life no legs, however. I think one may simply sit farther back on it if tall, but she wanted to sit as I was.



6/15/2017 by CAK

This is the MOST comfortable meditation chair!!! In fact, I like it so much I use it for not only meditation, but for writing in my journal, listening to music and just relaxing.


This chair could be the seat of world peace

7/6/2016 by deb

If everyone owned the Alexia chair, more people would meditate. If more people mediated we could bring about world peace. This chair is that good. And the customer service and shipping is a seamless experienced.



5/28/2016 by Karen

This is an amazing chair. I personally have a hard tim getting comfortable when I sit for meditation. I am a bilateral BKA (both legs, below knee amputee) which makes meditation a little challenging sometimes.
Someday I would love to buy this. They're beautiful.
Great design! Kudos to the designer.
<3 Karen <3

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The Alexia Story

Are you good at sukhasana?

Meditate Straight

Meditation should be relaxing, but unwinding is much more challenging when you’re uncomfortable. Alexia is an ergonomic meditation cushion that lets you find your zen with perfect posture and comfort.

Alexia Nascimento Roizner is a meditation devotee, but she hadn’t mastered getting comfortable. Her husband used his textile engineer degree to improve the functionality, comfortability, and beauty of this gorgeous seat. This design is based on research of ancient Zen & Yoga books to find the right combination of support, comfort, and beauty.

Alexia’s internal foundation points help your body
find perfect sukhasana pose. Also known as “easy seated pose,” sukhasana is used in yoga for easing hip tension and reducing stress. Alexia raises the hips and angles them forward to naturally make you sit up straight, while your legs fold underneath you—without the pressure of your body weight.

Alexia’s lotus-like design is enhanced by richly colored fabric or leather—it’s an unusual-but-practical piece. Whether you’re working, relaxing, or just watching TV, Alexia can improve your meditation practice as well as your posture.
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