All-Natural Foot Prep with POP Display Case of 20

The FootGloss Story

Stop shoes from rubbing you the wrong way.

Shoe-In Comfort

Have your shoes ever mistreated you? With FootGloss, there’s no need to fear.

Shoe lover Leah Schlechter was lining her favorite shoes with Band-Aids to prevent blisters. She wanted a better—and less noticeable—fix.

She created FootGloss to help stop blisters from ever starting. It glides on and acts as a barrier, easing the friction that chafes your skin and leads to blisters. And because it’s invisible, it won’t put a crimp in your look, either.

Made in the USA from all-natural ingredients, this balm works with any type of shoes—from high heels to flip-flops, hiking boots, men’s shoes and

We found it can get a little slippery, so avoid using it on your soles.

With just a swipe of this balm, the shoes that you love will now love you back.
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