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Soji Mini Nylon String Lights Case of 6

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White mini globes

5/21/2019 by Carrie

My second strand. Had moved first one inside for winter with solar charger in the window -- works well on sunny days at least. Decided to leave it, I like it so much inside, so needed another strand for outside. I like the solar aspect since I probably would never remember to turn on or plug in electric ones. Plus I don't want bright light, just enough to see on the steps, so these are great.


Just what my yard needed.

3/29/2019 by Patty

We bought a new house with a beautiful backyard. I wanted to add some color and festivity to it. I bought two strands of these. They look great. Not too bright, just a colorful glow. I love that they are solar powered.



2/18/2019 by Shirlee

Love these. They look so festive draped over the front of our RV.


Light up your happy place

4/1/2018 by Andrea

These lights ate more versatile than I thought they would be! Many ways to put out and versatile ways to show off a special area. Solar powered, they enhance security.


love these lights

7/5/2017 by Jane

Love these lights because we can hang them in the trees and place the solar cell on the group where it can soak up the sun. They are beautiful and sturdy.


Home and Garden lights

12/22/2016 by Paula

These little lights solar lights at that. I love them and so do my neighbors. Got many compliments on them. After Christmas I will put them on the trees in my back yard. I plan on getting more. Would recommend these for year round use.


1 wonderful, 1 not so much

3/12/2019 by Suzanne

This is not a complaint of the product in that they are amazingly cute and well designed. I wrote and said that one came charged and one was dead. I’ve tried several times to get it to start, and it hasn’t. I think I would like to take off the solar panel back and see if I can replace the battery and see if that works. I’m familiar with that process in that I have border lights that I’ve had to change or charge.

If you would rather I not do that, you can let me know.

Suzanne Leach


Tangled nightmare

8/2/2020 by Maria

I LOVE everything I’ve bought from Grommet. And these lights are great once I FINALLY got them untangled to hang. As careful as I was in taking them out of the box, they tangled like crazy and it took me frustratingly forever to get them untangled. Sorry to have to report this, but I definitely won’t buy them again. (I bought six sets to string in my back yard.)


Poor quality

11/9/2019 by Julie

These lights appeared to be so promising with their festive and jewel colors. They disappointed. The lantern colors were faded to a less than pastel color within 2 weeks and both strings were discarded due to the horrid color they became. I used them outside on my terrace as indicated and am disheartened that the money I paid for these was essentially a throw away.

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The Allsop Solar Lighting Story

Allsop Home & Garden - Wheel Easy & Solar LED Lighting

Unplugged Ambiance

Allsop Solar Lighting is known for its elegant, festive solar-powered lights—perfect indoors or out. Father-daughter duo Jim and Jamey Allsop started the company to innovate a better wheelbarrow, but their lights are what really caught our eye.

Accordion lanterns come in vibrantly colored nylon, so the sun won’t fade their cheery facade. And Allsop's hand-blown glass string lights add an artisan’s flair on a deck or beneath an umbrella.

Simply place the lanterns (or the solar collector that comes with the string lights) in direct sunlight during the day, and the LED lights will automatically
illuminate. Go ahead and let the sun go down—then enjoy the beautiful after-dark ambiance. Read More Read Less