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3 Pack Flower Arranger Case of 20

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Makes arranging easy

7/26/2018 by Vicky

These are great! It's easy to arrange flowers with these things and they work in almost all my vases. I love that I can use just a few stems but they stand up straight.


A cool tool!

7/25/2018 by Margery

Very useful


i am not a professional

7/3/2018 by lori

but i arrange flowers like one now!


Very clever

6/23/2018 by Sara

Bought these (along with the Florida Flower Pin Vase) for a friend who loves flowers and always has fresh flowers in her home. Practical, pretty, and priced right. Thanks.


Makes arranging a breeze

6/16/2018 by Rhonda

So much easier than putting scotch tape over vase, then not being able to remove flower to different position without making a mess .autifully


bought it for a gift

5/15/2018 by Jennifer

She seems to like it as she is always arranging flowers in her home.


Mother's Day gift

5/15/2018 by DFreddieK

A very unique and minimalist gift any gardener would love!


Fun and easy

12/28/2017 by Donna

Wow great product for arranging flowers. My arrangements look so much better now. It only takes a minute to do and makes your flowers look neater and well put together instead of just stuck in there. I glad I had it for the holidays



11/7/2017 by Janet

Helpful for a klutz like I am! Sneaky wayto make a professional arrangement!


Now I can arrange flowers.

8/11/2017 by Barbara

I love the idea of flower arrangers. Bought 3 for family members and 1 for myself. The last flower arrangement I received as a gift had this idea but had used tape across the mouth. This will be so cool. Thanks again for a Grommet Winner.

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The Annabelle Noel Designs Story

Annabelle Noel Designs - Easy Arranger

Flower Arranging 101

Ever feel like you’re not doing justice to the beautiful fresh-cut flowers of summer? Are your arrangements droopy or lopsided? Overcrowded or too skimpy? We’ve found the cure for amateur-looking arrangements. It’s a simple wire grid that fits over the mouth of a vase and adds support so that stems stay upright and have the breathing room they need. With Easy Arranger you can still get creative and dream up your own flower arrangements—the vase topper just helps you execute the designs like a pro.

Easy Arranger comes to us from Annabelle Noel Designs, a firm with a mission to launch innovative
household products designed and manufactured exclusively by women. The founder is Anne Cork, who tapped her jewelry-making skills to create Easy Arranger after being inspired by the tape grids she saw florists using to hold their flowers in place.

Each wire grid is woven by hand, not by a machine. Easy Arranger comes in a variety of diameters to fit different vase sizes. It’s simple to work with, especially when it comes time to change the water: You just lift up your entire arrangement and use the flexible grid to keep it intact until you’re ready to return the flowers to the vase. Easy does it!
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