One-Handed Pet Bathing Tool

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A real help

5/4/2020 by Judy

When washing a reluctant dog, I appreciate the ease of using this device. After a minute or 2, I got the hang of it & it worked well. Thanks for finding this gadget!


Like it

2/13/2019 by Beth

Takes longer to rinse but a much better rinse. No doubt that all the soap is out. Like the quick comment/disconnection; use it inside and out!
Wish it had a stronger stream.


Great product

9/30/2018 by Patrick

Great product


Bath mitt is great!

9/30/2018 by Nida

This mitt works well. Both my dogs like this so much better than using only the garden hose. It massages them as I scrub them. I bought 2 of these so I would have an extra in case I lost one. So glad I purchased these.


Good tool

7/26/2018 by Karl

The one handed pet bathing tool worked as advertised. The installation was easy.


Stoney Loves It

5/22/2018 by Melinda

Easy to use, nice hose length, and easy to work with one hand. I did replace the plastic connector with a metal one due to threads stripping on original. Cost an extra $20 at Lowe's, but works perfectly with no leaks.



5/16/2018 by Dusty

Nice product with hand-hold that takes a little getting used to.


Works well!

3/23/2018 by Karen

I like this little tool a lot! Installation was easy except the Teflon tape included was pretty much impossible to unwind and luckily we had some on hand. Otherwise, this is a handy dog washing tool for our skittish 10 month old puppy. I think it will be really great for washing him outside in the summer. I recommend it!


Awkward to Use

3/24/2018 by Frances

Was excited when I saw the YouTube video. My dog hates baths and it’s always a struggle. Hookup was easy to my garden hose and that’s where the good stuff about this product ended. The water flow was fine and gentle but stopping the water flow was difficult and awkward. I finally ended up turning the hose off so I could scrub my dog. This meant leaving the unhappy dog alone on the deck. Had to do this a couple of times. I decided that I wasn’t squeezing hard enough to stop the water flow but when I squeezed harder the hose attachment to the hand scrubber popped out and I had water spouting all over me! Big mess. I love the idea of this and followed the instructions but, at least for me, it doesn’t work.


Does not fit

3/23/2018 by Jill

I am not able to use this bathing tool because it does not fit on any faucet or shower head/faucet in my home. Disappointed. Trying to give it away.

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The Aquapaw Story

This glove gives your dog a bath.

Pet Bath

As far as dog bathing tools go, this is one of the most effective we’ve found. Aquapaw is a wearable sprayer-slash-scrubber that you can turn on or off just by making a fist.

This gives pup parents a better handle on the washing situation. They have one hand free to do the holding while the other does the scrubbing and rinsing—and it’s also more soothing for the dog because the glove has little rubber scrubbers that massage as they clean.

Aquapaw comes with an adapter so you can attach it to a showerhead or fasten it to your garden hose and bathe your dog outside. The spraying power is more
gentle than a high-pressure hose, but it’s also lot more effective than a bowl or cup bath.

Bath time becomes a win-win situation. This dreaded ritual turns into a seamless activity for you, and your pup gets to actually enjoy it.
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