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Beautiful wood

12/23/2018 by Christine

This is a Christmas gift. I know it will be a hit. Beautiful wood, nice concave dip for meat juices and gripper feet to stay put while carving. I would recommend.


Great Item

11/5/2018 by LaDell

Love it. Works great for anything with juice such as steak roast or chicken.


Intelligent Design

10/22/2018 by Mark

I really love it. It is big enough, beautiful wood, and sticks to the counter when I need it to. In addition the juices don't flow on to the counter (bonus!).


Great cutting board for meats

10/21/2018 by Paul

This is a well-made cutting board that works as advertised. The meat juices from steaks or a roast chicken stay in the concave surface, but it doens’t impede carving. You do have to be careful carrying it after the meal because the juices are in a shallow well and it is easy to spill, but once you realize that it’s great. Well made, well designed, looks nice.


Thank you fir a great and functional design!

10/18/2018 by Tanya

Title says it all!! I love these cutting boards!


Great cutting board!

7/25/2018 by Diana

I bought this for my son-in-law since he grills a lot of steaks. He loves it! Keeps the juices where they're supposed to be. I plan on ordering one for myself.


Fantastic piece of equipment... & beautiful!

7/9/2018 by Karin

I didn't know how much I needed this! Or how much I'd love it! It does exactly what it's meant to.... pools your grilled fare's juices. The curvature is very slight, so it does not impede cutting in any way, but boy, does it make a difference! Keeps the juices where they should be: with your food, not running off the board or caught in a little trough. Soooo glad I bought this!!! And it's pretty enough to serve from.


Best Ever

7/3/2018 by Lizvh

This cutting board is by far the best one we have ever owned. The slight indentation captures all the juices from the cooked meat. It is a subtle indentation therefore does not interfere with slicing.
My personal chef (my husband) gives it 5 stars plus!

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The Architec Story

Architec | Concave Cutting Board

Juicy Secret

Meat lovers know to let that special cut of steak or roast turkey rest before cutting into it so the flavorful juices have a chance to reabsorb back into the meat.

It’s these delicious juices that John Pitner, owner of a kitchen and housewares store, was thinking about when he had the idea for concave cutting boards. He partnered with the pros at Architec to make them a reality.

These specially engineered boards make all that juicy flavor flow to the middle, not right off the edge—saving the liquid to further marinate the meat. Another juicy option? Add some herbs and create a “board

The concave board isn’t just for cutting into meats. It’s perfect for fruits, too. Just think of all the sweet juices in watermelon, pineapples, and tomatoes.

The board took over two years and 35 iterations to engineer perfectly, including the non-slip gripper feet. The result is a stunning wooden or poly carving surface that looks equally as beautiful for prep work as it does for serving.
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