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Aria Mini Ionic Blow Dryer

6/3/2017 by Chuck

This device works great, particularly for being so small and lightweight. Let my wife try it and ended up buying a 2nd one for her.


A very nice hair dryer!

5/22/2017 by Linda

I love this dryer so much I bought another one - one for home and another for the Y.


Love this size!

5/10/2017 by Debbie

Can't wait to take this on my trips. It is the smallest Ionic dryer on the market!


I Love this Hairdryer

5/3/2017 by Cheryl

I have short fine hair and have wanted an Ionic hair dryer for a long time. This one is perfect. I don't have to worry about damaging my hair and it's easy to take with me when I travel. Also the defusers are great. I can zero in on one are at a time and accomplish the look I want.



5/3/2017 by Pamela

I have multiple sclerosis and my hands are weak and uncoordinated. This tiny powerhouse is perfect for me. I'm going to buy another to keep in our motorhome.



5/3/2017 by Joan L

Just because it's little doesn't mean it won't dry your hair quickly. Love mine!


Unexpectedly Amazing

5/3/2017 by B J

When the box arrived, I had a feeling I was dealing with a classy outfit. I opened the lovely box and was surprised by the small size of the blow dryer. Everything was packed beautifully. Being so small, I wasn't expecting all that much, but... The dryer works great! I have very very thick hair which is a pain to dry - and this dryer handled it beautifully. I've been looking for an Ionic dryer with the controls in the middle for a while and was very happy to find this one. For the first time in years, I woke up the morning after using it without my hair standing straight up on the side I sleep... and NO FRIZZ! I'm right-handed, but use the dryer with my left hand which is why I needed the controls in the middle. I'm also not young anymore, so the extremely light weight of the dryer was a big bonus, in addition to the generous length of the cord. Holding larger dryers up in the air for as long as I needed to was getting rather painful. Many thanks to the people who made this wonderful dryer.


Very light weight!

5/2/2017 by Laraine

I've been looking for a light weight dryer that I can hold up over my head. At my age (61), that has become harder to do with standard dryers. This works great and has enough power for my short hair style. Might order another one, so I'll have a spare! And it's small. Love it!! Might not work as well for long thick hair.


Excellent dryer!

4/2/2017 by Patty

I have had this dryer for a couple of weeks now. I have struggled in the past with "fly-away" frizzy hair. I have tried hair products to control it. I have tried different hair dryers (3 in the past 6 months). None have worked as well as the Relaxus! It's very LIGHTWEIGHT, which is really important to me as I have shoulder issues. But even better, the negative Ions have the effect of calming down my frizzies! I can go 2 or 3 days between hair washing now and before I was having to wash it every day to control the issue. It's very small and compact, which is important as I am an avid traveler. I recently tried some larger negative ion dryers but I couldn't lift them long enough. This one is great! And for traveling it will be great, as it has the 220 setting to accommodate for European wattages. I don't use the diffuser, but my daughter will when she visits! I LOVE IT!!!



3/4/2017 by Patty

I was so disappointed when I opened this package. The dryer was so small and light, I just assumed it couldn't possibly have much power at all. Boy, was I wrong! The little powerhouse did an outstanding job on my hair. It was fast and furious and my hair came out shiny and silky! Forget about using just for travel. This baby is now part of my every day routine. No more bulky heavy blow dryer! Buy one immediately. You can thank me later!

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The Relaxus Story

Ceramic is the secret to shiny, smooth hair.

Positive Negative

Ceramic is the secret to smooth hair, and what makes the mini ionic blow dryer and straightening brush from Relaxus such standouts. Both hair tools use ceramic to heat up, which produces negative ions. They help fight frizz, static, and even remove dirt from hair—without sacrificing bounce and softness.

The travel-ready mini hair dryer delivers professional results in a lightweight, scaled-down design. And the straightening brush also uses far infrared heat waves, which gently warm hair from the inside out. This stimulates natural oils that fight humidity and boost shine on dry hair.

you’re taming fly-aways or treating yourself to a full blow-out, these tools turn a negative into a positive—hair day, that is. Read More Read Less