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Smells great!

1/2/2014 by Mallory

I got these as a Christmas gift for my aunt. They smelled so good when I got them in the mail I almost kept them for myself.


t spheres

12/30/2013 by Renee

I really like the peppermint aromatherapy massage balls. I use them on the back of my neck and shoulders after all day computer work. (soothe is misspelled in the item description)



11/15/2013 by Saranne

It's a great idea and the product is well put together, but basically all it is is two little balls with a small amount of peppermint oil. Bottom line is I think the product is way overpriced.


massage balls

3/22/2014 by brenda

Not what i expected. I have used them several times with no relief. I would tell buyers to think twice about this purchase. I am not very happy with this purchase.



11/16/2013 by Leslie

They are not very comfortable.



1/1/2014 by Dawn

I purchased this recently hoping to find some relief. All I got were 2 balls, 1 small spray bottle of a scent and a 'deluxe' bag. I understand the concept of the balls. They can be used for strong pointed pressures or as a light relaxation spa. Aromatherapy I completely believe in...but I couldn't find the smell. I read the instructions too many times and the best I could grasp was that the balls were supposed to 'already be infused' with the scent which should last a couple of months. When the smell fades then 'spray' 2 drops (which is physically impossible. You can either spray something or put drops on it.)I 'sprayed' and sprayed. Then it said to be careful because it could leave an oily film and could ruin clothing. So now I have two semi-wet balls that smelled good but they were too oily to use on clothes areas.
This whole experience has been frustrating. If I paid like $ 10.00 for the item I would just chuck it aside or use the balls for my dog. But the price is hefty enough that I am trying to get them returned yet I don't have a printer to print out a new label with the RMA.
I am hoping The Grommet will work with me to get this product returned and issue me a refund.

{The Grommet Response - someone from our team will be in touch with you.}

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The T spheres Story

t spheres - aromatherapy-infused massage balls

Time To Relax

With our jam-packed lives tossing us in every direction, sometimes you need stress relief in between massage appointments.

Practicing massage therapist Stephanie Whittier has come up with THE solution: T Spheres. After two decades in the business and a thorough study of pain management, Stephanie created these amazing massage spheres that release a calm, soothing aroma of 100% natural essential oils.

The sets are infused with pure essential oils like peppermint for energizing or relieving headaches; lavender for relaxation and calming nervous tension; and grapefruit for detoxifying. The double
purified rubber compound balls should be rolled gently on the tension points to treat a variety of problems from headache and insomnia to backache and foot pain.

T spheres can be refreshed with the re-infuser oil included in the set, can be chilled in the freezer (good for chasing down that headache), or microwaved for 1-2 minutes with water in a microwave-safe bowl (for warm relief in other areas). They come in a small portable jute drawstring bag, making them perfect for traveling—a welcome gift for the road warrior.

Take a little time to relax with T spheres; the anytime, anywhere massage system that smells good and feels great.
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