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Cow Manure Natural Brew Tea (3-packs) Case of 6

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great product

5/5/2020 by Gail



Tea for my Plants

11/2/2019 by Karin

The authentic haven cow manure tea was easy to use, did not smell, and I think my plants liked it.


If you can't get a bull

8/22/2018 by Mary Swilling

I am thrilled with the manure teabags! One lasted through three large washtubs of watering! I saw new growth within a week, on my porch flowers and ornamentals in the yard. Highly recommended by this SC gardener.


Great tomatoes, etc.

8/6/2018 by Robert

Easy to use, all natural with great results.


Helping all my plants

7/25/2018 by Alice

My husband wasn't sure about this at all but since the money was spent, he agreed to try it. Voila! Our plants are doing really well even in this sweltering heat. He's very good about watering daily, so that helps a lot but we've been seeing blooms where we had had problems before. Stinky but it works!


Great Father's Day Gift

6/26/2018 by Kathy

He loved it I love it win win!


Amazing Product

5/15/2018 by Lynda



Great Idea for plants and herbs!

5/7/2017 by Lyn

I lived on a farm and dealing with manure for my plants and herbs was a BIG pain. These bags are a God send, neat idea, easy to use and afterwards you can use the used manure in your potting soil - cool beans!


Tea bags

7/9/2016 by mary

It's easy to use. Today was the first time I put in the garden so hoping for a great harvest.


Strange but terrific!

6/21/2016 by Lynn

I don't get as much fertilizer as I thought but when I use it it definitely makes an impact! Thank you!
Lynn Moore

I think your products are far above the norm! I love your web cite!

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The Authentic Haven Brand Story

Authentic Haven - Manure Tea Bags

Agri Cultured

Yeah, it’s a bag of decomposing matter. But it’s more than that. It’s five generations of farming know-how, combined with a decades-long commitment to sustainable agriculture, made by hand with no synthetic ingredients. It’s “manure tea,” from Authentic Haven, and your plants will love it.

Just steep a bag in water for 1-3 days for a brown brew packed with soil-enriching nutrients. Use the “tea” to water your plants and let nature do the rest. Roots will grow stronger and dig deeper, leaves will be greener, blooms bolder. Get the same benefits as compost, minus the shoveling.

Authentic Haven
makes a special alfalfa bag for rose gardeners. For everyone else, the cow manure bag works with virtually every other plant and flower, indoors or out. And no, they don’t stink. Each bag has a faint aroma of farm life and can be reused up to four times. Indoors or out, these brews are safe for all soil types. Feed your garden plants four times during the growing season, and your houseplants once a month. This brown tea will give you a green thumb. Read More Read Less