Peel Ripe Loops

Fruit and Vegetable Peeler - Medium Case of 12

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Excellent product!!!

8/9/2014 by Aide

Excellent tool! Truly makes chopping, slicing, mashing, scooping, displaying and eating an avocado so much more enjoyable. Worth every penny. This tool should be priced much higher, the quality alone, and years I will enjoy it I would of paid MORE! Excellent gift for ANYONE who consumes avocados, let's be honest...who does not enjoy an avocado? AVO Loop...I love YOU!!!


fabulosu kitchen tool!

7/18/2014 by Judith

WOW! Being an avacado lover, this is really amazing!


Great little tool!

7/17/2014 by Donna

This little item works great! I got one for me and one for my personal trainer - he has at least one avocado daily. We both agree that it's a simple idea with wonderful execution.


Love it

7/16/2014 by PATRICIA

Love it.


Genius Tool

6/30/2014 by Francy

We eat avocados daily and my husband kept getting frustrated trying to peel them. I purchased this tool just for him and he absolutely loves it! No fuss, no mess, and best of all it removes all the avocado from the rind. Happy in the kitchen in my home!



6/26/2014 by VICKI

Really was unsure - damn it rocks!



6/25/2014 by Booker

I am not the cook, but I had to teach my wife how to trust it.
As far as I am concerned, it works perfectly. It worked, as it did for me. on the second half of the avocado. Nice innovation.


Excellent little tools.

6/25/2014 by Jack

We have used both of these loops. They have worked perfectly on an assortment of things; mostly baked potatoes, avocados and melons. We got a small watermelon that appeared ripe on the outside bur was as hard as a cinder-block on the inside. I was going to throw it away. The larger loop worked, and we were able to scoop out and dice the melon into small edible chunks. Simple but amazing little gadgets. These are things that EVERYONE would appreciate owning.


Love this

5/22/2014 by Denise

We eat a lot of avocados and this makes it so much easier to get them out and cut up.


Great product

5/12/2014 by Michele

I have only used it for avocado and mango at this point, but it works great! Can't wait to give one to each of my daughters.

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The Peel Ripe Loops Story

Avoloop - Vegetable Peeler

Perfectly Prepped Produce

Cleaner, healthier eating is easier with Peel Ripe Loops. This versatile tool solves prep and peeling problems for avocados, mangos, peppers, kiwis, melons and more.

Created by Kevin Kimsey, a former graphic design artist, the Peel Ripe Loops tool lets you easily separate the edible parts of fruit and veggies from the skin. Healthy eaters of all ages can use it thanks to its tempered stainless steel wire—there are no sharp edges—and ergonomically shaped handle.

Another benefit: less food waste. Peel Ripe Loops cleanly carves out as much of the good stuff as possible, giving you maximum
enjoyment of your fresh food. Read More Read Less