Peel Ripe Loops

Fruit and Vegetable Peeler - Medium Case of 12

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Cool tool

10/29/2013 by Terrie

Although I've only used the small Avoloop on an avocado so far, I have to say I did not perfect it as effortlessly as the video showed. I think it takes a bit of practice, or the avocado has to be just an exact size. Either way, it's way better than either scooping out with a spoon or scoring with a knife and cutting out. I like it!


Fantastic little tool!

10/29/2013 by Anila

This is a fantastic product! I've only used it on avocados so far (hence giving it only 4 stars) and it works great. It is so easy to use. I'm planning to buy another set for a friend who'd recently cut her hand badly trying to cut out an avocado. Would highly recommend this to anyone.



4/21/2014 by claudia

Messy. Leaves fruit that you still need to remove. It probably takes quite a bit of practice, but even with that, if fruit or vegetable isn't really ripe or soft, it doesn't separate the pulp from the skin. I don't think it's worth the price.



3/10/2014 by Robert

I was disappointed in the size of the large Avoloop. The web site sales literature shows it slicing a watermelon and that why I purchased it.. No way can it trim a watermelon. It does small fruits and vegetables and they should advertise and sell it as such.


Awful product

3/6/2015 by Allan

Not worth the price. Does not work with cantaloupe or honeydew unless they are rotting. I wish I could return it.

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The Peel Ripe Loops Story

Avoloop - Vegetable Peeler

Perfectly Prepped Produce

Cleaner, healthier eating is easier with Peel Ripe Loops. This versatile tool solves prep and peeling problems for avocados, mangos, peppers, kiwis, melons and more.

Created by Kevin Kimsey, a former graphic design artist, the Peel Ripe Loops tool lets you easily separate the edible parts of fruit and veggies from the skin. Healthy eaters of all ages can use it thanks to its tempered stainless steel wire—there are no sharp edges—and ergonomically shaped handle.

Another benefit: less food waste. Peel Ripe Loops cleanly carves out as much of the good stuff as possible, giving you maximum
enjoyment of your fresh food. Read More Read Less