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Very Handy

1/10/2020 by Dee

Purchased as a gift. The user is very pleased with his new clippers. They are much easier to use (rather than smaller clippers). I need to get a clipper for me now!



11/11/2019 by Drema

As I get older, I am having problems with some joints, one being my thumb down by the wrist. This was making it almost impossible to trim nails on opposite hand & foot. Not a problem anymore!


Love this clipper

11/1/2019 by Peggy

This clipper is very well made, I had a cheaper one and it broke after about a month's use. This clipper is very easy to use ans is easy on my hands. I would tell anyone that this clipper is a very good buy.



11/1/2019 by Mary

Would make a great gift!


Easy to use, clips nails very well

10/31/2019 by Will

A breeze to use on finger nails, much easier to use on toe nails than conventional clippers. Rather pricey, but worth the cost.


Love it

10/11/2019 by Renate

Really makes nail-clipping less of a chore when you can angle it


Best Ever!

10/6/2019 by Larry

The best ever nail clipper. I have tremors and this is the best nail clipper for me. I was unable to use traditional clips and thought I'd try these and they were just what I needed and now I can stop biting them. lol


was skeptical.....

8/12/2019 by Maureen

This nail clipper has replaced my standard ones. Its easy to squeeze, clips fast and clean. I highly recommend!


Nice but not perfect

8/7/2019 by Anita

These are nice. Very sturdy and well made. Appear made to last forever. The nipper rotates nicely and the whole thing feels good in the hand. Heavy and sturdy. But I still had trouble clipping my toenails. I had to squeeze with my fingers because of the angle that required that I hold the clipper backwards.

I know alot of my problem was my own as I have trouble seeing at that particular distance, so it was hard to get the clipper set in the proper place to make the clip without pinching skin. Also, knee problems prevent twisting the needed way. Still way better than conventional clippers.

But I still need help with the task.


I love these nail clippers!

8/6/2019 by Connie Bagley

I had completely lost the joint in my left thumb and had corrective surgery but have lost much of the ability for pinching action of my thumb and finger, which is needed to use typical nail clippers. It made clipping the nails on my right hand almost impossible and my husband would have to help me. With the complete palm grip and the movement of the clipper portion I no longer need assistance and gives me independence. Thank you so much. Connie B

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