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Great idea! Love the bags!

11/27/2018 by Jill

The BagPodz Bag Set is great! I had to buy a second set for myself because I left the first one clipped to the cart and someone took it. Now I clip the bag set to my purse (which is in the cart) and I never forget it! The bags are colorful, hold a lot and are so very handy in the zip bag, too!


Great Bags

11/5/2018 by Shaun

I was tired of using the dirty shopping bags and I was tired os them being thrown all over my car. This little pouch now hangs in my car and is ready to go shopping with me while hanging on my purse. I lvoe [email protected]!!


Easy to carry, lightweight

11/4/2018 by Thomas

packs into a tube and can repack when done, Good for places that killed the plastic bag and where wet , or raining would melt a paper bag about 6 feet from car


Hands down it’s the best grocery bags out there

10/20/2018 by Michelle

I love these bags!!! I don’t usually give reviews but this one deserves it. I had mine for over a year. Also got them for my sisters and sisters-in-law as a Christmas gift. They’re practical gift but so worth it. I get compliments all the time whenever I use them. It’s small enough that I store them in the glove compartment so it’s there whenever I need it, and also fits in my purse so it’s not cumbersome to carry. Best part they’re washable! One time I used it, the bagger forgot to give me the remaining bags that didn’t get used and ended up losing some. I love them so much that I had to buy it again!


So awsome !

10/18/2018 by Angie

Love love love ! These are great. So convenient to have , I even bought a set for Christmas gifts.


Love these!

10/18/2018 by Elisabeth

We love these bags in their clever pod so much that we got a set of 10 to replace our set of five and are holding the smaller set back for a Christmas gift.


Excellant product

10/18/2018 by Charles

Completely surpriaed at how functional the unt is, very well designed and easy to use. It goes to the grocery store frequently.


Couldn't be better!

10/12/2018 by Laura

It's hard to think of any way this package of shopping bags could be any better. The bags are thin and lightweight but very strong and have a flat bottom to make loading and unloading easy.

Before, the reusable bags I had were: (1) not washable, (2) heavier, (3) larger when folded, (4) not contained together, (5) harder to store in the car, and (6) harder to carry into and around the store. When something leaked or a bag got dirty some other way, because it was not washable I had to toss it. Eventually I began to just use the store's plastic bags. Much more convenient, but I didn't want to keep using them forever.

I was so glad to see this come along, and I have not been disappointed. The bags are actually bigger than the store's plastic ones and stronger, too. They have a flat bottom, which doesn't make them stand upright on their own (if they did, they would not conveniently be stuffed into the carrying pod) but does make it easier to pack them so they'll stand up and not tip your groceries all over. If something spills I can toss them into the washing machine. The pod lives happily and out of the way in my car until grocery day and clips out of the way on my shopping cart until checkout time. These can be used for other stores, too, not just groceries!

What I like best about these: because they are so convenient and easy to use, they will encourage many more people to leave the plastic store bags behind!


So convenient and compact.

10/11/2018 by Valinda

Living in California we are forced to reuse grocery bags and having BagPodz in the back seat of my car is sooooo convienient and I never forget to take them in the store with me. The trunk of my car is now free of all the trashy bags that had been used over and over again.


Fantastic Idea

10/9/2018 by Phoebe

Love these bags and the pod that holds them!
I purchased the red bags. The color on the screen is accurate to the color received.
Very versatile, flexible, easy to clean.
I have used them for my groceries multiple times and I am going to take them on my trip to put by dirty clothes in, so they stay away from the clean ones. I highly recommend them.

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The BagPodz Story

Reusable bags you'll actually reuse.

Sturdy & Neat

BagPodz is a reusable bag set that stays neatly packed and on hand whenever you need them.

The bags come stuffed in a compact pod that fits in the glove box or under a seat in your car. A clip on the pod lets you attach it right to your grocery cart. At checkout, just unzip and pull out as many bags as you need. A second drawstring opening on the end lets you easily stuff them back into the pod.

The bags are the same size as a disposable plastic bag but can handle much more. A flat bottom helps things like beverage cartons stand up more securely. Go ahead and pack them really full; they’re
made of strong, rip-stop nylon that can hold up to 50 lbs. Even better, they’re Bluesign® certified, meaning they’re low-impact, eco-friendly, and sustainably produced to stringent safety standards.

Water-repellent and machine-washable, this reusable bag set is also great for traveling. Keep dry and wet clothing separate. Or bring a few bags along souvenir shopping. Any time you want to use (and reuse) these bags, they’re organized and ready to go.
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