Reusable Bag Set - 5 Pack Sample

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11/1/2019 by Bettye

Love that I can carry this with me without a lot of bulk and it is washable


Great product!

11/1/2019 by Carin

This is a very handy "gadget" for carrying and storing grocery bags. The bags are relatively small so they don't get overstuffed with too many heavy items. My husband dislikes the assorted sizes of resuable grocery bags that are currently strewn all over my car's back seat, which I often forget to bring into a store with me. This is a nice, compact set that stays neat and accessible with it's carabiner. It currently resides in my husband's car, but I may order another for my car, too, and dispose of the other bags.


Love these bags!

11/1/2019 by Sue

I have given these as gifts to all of my kids and they love them also. When I use these bags, it never fails that someone asks me where I got them. They are very sturdy and hold lots of weight. Plus, you can wash them if they get dirty. Stop using those plastic bags and get these!



10/31/2019 by Shirley

They work great. When I'm on vacation I fold one or two up and put them in my pocket. I always have a bag when I need it.


This makes sense!

10/10/2019 by grace

This is a gift for a relative who lives in another state where they charge you
$ .10 for each bag they have to give you!


Great gift

10/9/2019 by Karen

After buying myself a bagpodz, I liked it so well I started buying them as gifts for my friends. They all find it as convenient and useful as I do.


Bought more

10/8/2019 by Lilli

I liked this easy to carry, easy to wash, strong, and not easy to forget so much that I bought 3 more.


Strong lightweight packable bags

8/19/2019 by Stacy

These bags have been fantastic!. You can load them with a surprisingly large amount of groceries, and I love the bright color. For being so thin, they are also strong—I’ve loaded them with gallons of milk and bottles of wine with no stressed threads or weakness. I get compliments every time I use them, including from my best friend who informed me that was what I could get her for Christmas (already ordered)! I store them in the door pocket of my car and then clip it onto my shopping cart. They stuff easily back into the pouch. I highly recommend this well-made, clever product!


It’s in The Bag!

8/17/2019 by Mary Jayne

Our state has thankfully moved to eliminate the use of plastic bags. So I had to figure out how to handle this. I have canvas bags that I could use, but they’re in the trunk. With a busy life, I would go grocery shopping only to get to the checkout forgetting my bags in the trunk! It is not convenient to leave a pile of bags on my front seat. So I was looking for another solution. As a customer of The Grommet, I receive emails of new items. When I saw the bag pods, I decided to try one. I love it! It is convenient to use. The bags come out and go back easily. The pod takes up less room on my car seat. You can clip it to the shopping cart. However, being afraid that I would forget it, I clip it to my purse. I bought one for my family members, and they all love it. This is a keeper!


the right stuff!

8/5/2019 by Linda M

It was time to replace our grungy old bags that we took to the supermarket. These bags are strong, light and WASHABLE! We were able to put 2 2 liter bottles in one bag without a problem.

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The BagPodz Story

Reusable bags you'll actually reuse.

Sturdy & Neat

BagPodz is a reusable bag set that stays neatly packed and on hand whenever you need them.

The bags come stuffed in a compact pod that fits in the glove box or under a seat in your car. A clip on the pod lets you attach it right to your grocery cart. At checkout, just unzip and pull out as many bags as you need. A second drawstring opening on the end lets you easily stuff them back into the pod.

The bags are the same size as a disposable plastic bag but can handle much more. A flat bottom helps things like beverage cartons stand up more securely. Go ahead and pack them really full; they’re
made of strong, rip-stop nylon that can hold up to 50 lbs. Even better, they’re Bluesign® certified, meaning they’re low-impact, eco-friendly, and sustainably produced to stringent safety standards.

Water-repellent and machine-washable, this reusable bag set is also great for traveling. Keep dry and wet clothing separate. Or bring a few bags along souvenir shopping. Any time you want to use (and reuse) these bags, they’re organized and ready to go.
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