Reusable Bag Set - 5 Pack Sample

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Very handy

8/3/2019 by Ellen

When I took them to the grocers store the girl checking me out wanted to know where I got these. She loved them. I do too.


Great idea’

7/27/2019 by Jane S

Easy way to keep bags available when I go shopping!


Love these

7/23/2019 by Beverly

So handy to have these bags in one place and the baggers in the grocery store are impressed too!


Love These

7/16/2019 by Patricia

I never forget my bags now because I just clip this to my
purse so I always have them. They are easier to carry into the house also...much easier than the plastic ones.


These are great to use at the grocery store

7/12/2019 by Patrick

I think that all grocery stors should give a discount for using recyclable bags at the checkout counter.


I really like this

7/12/2019 by Martha

I'm so tired of bags cluttering up my SUV. This bag and pocket holder is so simple and practical. I hang it on the headrest supports on the driver's side seat so that all I have to do is open the back door and unclip it. Clipping it to the shopping cart seemed goofy to me but it's great. I don't forget to use the bags or leave the pocket in the bottom of the cart. Lastly, the bags are really good. Then are strong, a great size, and the flat bottom keeps everything from rolling out. Just note that the trim color on the pocket is orange, not the same color of the bags. Stuffing the bags back into the pocket is so simple.


LOVE these bags!

7/11/2019 by Melissa

Being able to stash the pouch in my glove compartment is so convenient and clipping it to the cart keeps it with me but out of the way while I’m shopping. The only problem I’ve had so far is convincing the baggers that, yes, you can put a lot of weight in the bags!


Love these bags!

6/26/2019 by Jan

We keep a set in each car—now we never get to the store without bags! I clip the pod to the basket & we’re all set! We were so pleased with our set that we gave every kid’s family a set for Christmas!


Love these bags

6/11/2019 by Pamela

Convenient, strong, and a great way to cut down on disposal plastic bags. I use mine for every grocery store trip.


Best bags!

5/29/2019 by Donna

I love them they hold so much more then you think. Love how they all fit in the carry case. Ended up buying another to keep at my other house in another state.

Thinking of buying these for bday and Xmas gifts

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The BagPodz Story

Reusable bags you'll actually reuse.

Sturdy & Neat

BagPodz is a reusable bag set that stays neatly packed and on hand whenever you need them.

The bags come stuffed in a compact pod that fits in the glove box or under a seat in your car. A clip on the pod lets you attach it right to your grocery cart. At checkout, just unzip and pull out as many bags as you need. A second drawstring opening on the end lets you easily stuff them back into the pod.

The bags are the same size as a disposable plastic bag but can handle much more. A flat bottom helps things like beverage cartons stand up more securely. Go ahead and pack them really full; they’re
made of strong, rip-stop nylon that can hold up to 50 lbs. Even better, they’re Bluesign® certified, meaning they’re low-impact, eco-friendly, and sustainably produced to stringent safety standards.

Water-repellent and machine-washable, this reusable bag set is also great for traveling. Keep dry and wet clothing separate. Or bring a few bags along souvenir shopping. Any time you want to use (and reuse) these bags, they’re organized and ready to go.
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