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9/16/2020 by Patrick

My new weighted blanket is so luxurious!! I truly did not expect such a high quality item. This is not just a heavy, weighted blanket, this is a luxury item. The weight is what I bought it for, but the materials and construction are far above what I thought I was getting. Even the packaging was first class. I cannot recommend this highly enough!!


Love it

1/6/2020 by Gwyn

Perfect weight. Easy to clean.


Love it! Luxury Quality!

12/2/2019 by E

I sleep so deeply with this blanket, I love it! I have the 12lb and the weight is evenly distributed, the material is so soft and the beads do not shift. The cotton is breathable so I am able to layer it in between a bed sheet and a comforter for extra coverage without overheating. This size is also perfect for couch naps!


Love it, sleep deeply now

10/19/2019 by Kay

I own 2 of these now, different sizes. I sleep without waking up several times a night now. For my fibromyalgia, this was a god-send.


finally kept this one

9/22/2019 by LuAnne

I ordered weighted blankets from two other companies and sent them back because they had issues. This one, I kept, and I really like it.


Wife says it works great.

5/28/2019 by Len

It got here quickly and the wife loves it.


Money well spent

5/24/2019 by Carol

I was hesitant to purchase this weighted blanket due to cost. Then, I saw a short statement here that simply said "I bought it for my restless legs". Having had this condition for many years and losing a lot of sleep I ordered it. I have used it every night and slept very well. It works for my RLS better than anything else I have tried. I love the smooth cover and plan on using it year round.


Happy wife/ happy life

5/19/2019 by Jeff

As trite as they may sound, my wife is both loving her blanket and getting a good night’s sleep- something she has not had in years! Kudos to Baloo!


Its great

5/18/2019 by Bridget

I lov this blanket!!! Its very comforting!!!



5/16/2019 by Cynthia

Bought this blanket. Used it that very night. LOVE IT! Worth every penny!

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The Baloo Living Story

Baloo Living | Weighted Blanket

Calming Weight

Wanting an escape from her busy life in New York, Baloo Living Maker Elizabeth Grojean traveled to Bali to slow down and reconnect with herself. When she returned to the city, Elizabeth turned to a weighted blanket to recreate that soothing experience. This type of blanket has long been used as a therapeutic tool to ease anxiety and Elizabeth took that calming, relaxing foundation and made it modern (and more eco-friendly) with her fresh take.

Soft, machine-washable cotton wraps around glass beads that provide the gentle weight in Baloo Living’s blankets. The beads are stitched into pockets to
prevent them from shifting, so the blanket’s weight stays evenly distributed. These beads are a better choice than plastic ones commonly used, both for the earth and for contouring over the body.

This roomy blanket can cover the top of a twin- or queen-size bed and it comes in three different weights, depending on your size and sleep position. We tried the blanket out and were amazed at the peaceful effect it created and how comfortably secure you can feel just by pulling it on.
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