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OK, but not great.

5/28/2019 by Susan M

I thought I’d ordered the larger size, and I know I’d paid for it. It isn’t really all that large, and I’d hate to see the smaller one. It was a stretch just to get my sunglasses and older, smaller iPhone in my Bandi. Doesn’t look all that much better than the old “Fanny Pack” when holding phone and sunglasses.


Too small

12/28/2018 by Marian

Too small to fit normal sized women.



5/16/2018 by susan

did not hold my sisters phone so is not being used



4/2/2018 by Diane

I have purchased many things from Grommet. I felt this product was a bit thick and shallow. I was worried my phone was going to fall out of the pouch


Not so sure.....

8/22/2017 by Debbie

This is a disappointment for me...and in my mind was expensive. It holds way less than I thought it would....almost seems not worth it. I would return it if I could but not sure if I can. I wouldn't waste your money!!! Also I don't like the look of the way it hooks in the back. Unless you are wearing something to cover it kind of unattractive and doesn't look like a belt but gives away what it really is.


Nice style but needs improvement

6/8/2017 by Rachel

I liked the idea of this style-fits my iphone 6 with room to spare for a chapstick keys etc. BUT it is very padded which adds major bulk and it did not conform to my body at all! The clasp in the back was small and thin and did not feel like it would last long. I ended up going with another brand that had a stronger clasp and an unpadded stretchy pocket.



7/16/2016 by Dee

This is beautiful, but, disappointingly, it does not stay in place. I'm going to donate it to charity.


Nice but . . .

2/16/2016 by Diane

it's not exactly as advertised. The description says it extends to 42". Those must be Munchkin inches. My tape measure reads 37". I could barely fasten it around my waist over my gym clothes. It does have two interior pockets, but the "small side pocket" is not lined, so I had trouble finding it at first, and thought I'd been sent the wrong item. I do see that they now offer a 4" extender, which almost makes up the missing 5", but I don't see why I should have to pay an additional $4 plus postage to make this product what it should have been to begin with. I was planning to wear it around my hips, not my waist.
It is, however, very pretty fabric. And I do have some buckle hardware and fabric of my own. I'll see if I can fashion my own extender. Just beware that unless you're on the svelte side, this won't be what you're looking for.


Too Hot and hard to open

12/20/2019 by Liz

This belt had 2 layers of foam separating the layers. It was very hot to wear. Also the latch to open and close the band is almost impossible to open. I was ready to cut it off. Unfortunately I bought several of these for Christmas gifts. I hate to give them. Do not recommend.


Didn’t like it

7/25/2018 by Lesley

Didn’t like it.

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The BANDI Wear Story

BANDI Wear - Adjustable Pocketed Belts

Hip Storage

BANDI Wear's belts look like something you’d wear even if you didn’t need to carry things. It combines the convenience of a fanny pack with a more streamlined, subtle appearance.

Founders Bev Perrea and Beth Koenig spent a year and a half developing this flattering, modern fanny pack. BANDI folds over on itself to form a low profile pocket, without the bulk of zippers or snaps. Tuck a cell phone, ID, and cash inside the generous interior. (The larger BANDI even fits a passport.) For keys or coins, a smaller side pocket is just right.

The soft spandex knit is comfy with an adjustable glide for
a fast, snug fit. Whether you’re running errands, or actually running or exercising, BANDI is made to stay put. Wear BANDI under your clothes or over. Use it a security belt while traveling, and even keep it on through a metal detector (as long as you aren’t carrying keys!).

With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, BANDI complements your outfit and your lifestyle.
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