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8/18/2016 by bns

Hi, I have an IPhone 6S+ and a tummy. Phone didn't stay put when I did my 10 mile 4 hour walk this past weekend with my 20 pound dog. Going to the Apple store after work today to pay their exorbitant prices to replace the cracked screen.

But I do really love the belt and the softness and the extra pockets so that I can distribute the keys, driver's license, dog poop bags and not have a large pooch trying to store everything into one pocket.


Just Okay

2/14/2016 by Judith D

I have a mixed review. I wanted to use this to walk the dog so I have a phone, keys, tissue and couple treats and find it will not hold these items. The one thing I really like about it is that it has a clasp and the fabric is great. I think the pockets need to be redone as they are not deep enough. Maybe I'm not using it right. Anyway not not completely dissatisfied but does not completely help my need for this item.


Its a great product well made

1/28/2016 by Jann

However, I have an Iphone with a case on it and it is a VERY snug fit. If I'm walking I have a problem getting it out.


Hugely overpriced

7/16/2015 by Ginger

Definitely not worth $30 by any stretch of the imagination, might be worth half that. It does hold my Samsung galaxy s4 so it serves my purpose for keeping my phone and keys on me while walking. I don't like the way it rides up to my stomach while wearing it even if I adjust it so it doesn't fit snugly. Would like it to stay lower on my waist. The plastic buckle is pretty flimsy and I am a bit worried that my keys are going to make short work of the fabric..



4/25/2015 by Mary

It was too small.



4/20/2015 by Paige

It holds my phone good while I am jogging.


Pocket is well designed

3/31/2015 by Melissa

The pocket parts of the Bandiwear are well designed and useful, but the clasp is horrible. I cannot get it undone and finally gave up and just slide it on or off over my legs. I would not recommend this product to anyone with dexterity issues.


somewhat disappointing.

10/27/2016 by virginia

This seems like a great idea - and it is - except that once you put a phone in the pocket it causes the belt to droop in an unbecoming fashion because of the weight. The fabric is too stretchy and should have part that is not stretchy for several inches on either side of the buckle so that it will stay up where it belongs. I still use it, but I need to adjust it several times during a workout.


Not so great for a runner

7/25/2016 by Jane

I bought the belt for my daughter who is a runner. She tried it out and gave it back to me. She explained that when she wore it just below her waist as it should be worn, it slid down from the weight of her cell phone. She tried to wear it at her waist and cinch it more tightly and still had the problem. Part of the problem is the slippery fabric that it's made from. I plan to use it for walking, so I won't return it, but I'm disappointed that this doesn't work properly. I feel that something that is a bit pricey like this is should be tested before offering it for sale.


Very Disappointed

7/5/2016 by M. August

I was really looking forward to wearing my BANDI almost all the time, but the sad truth is that I'm not wearing it at all. The clasp is cheaply constructed and unreliable. The belt itself is made of a flimsy material and the "pockets" are difficult to access. I need to carry a small flip phone, an equally small notepad & pencil, and my keys. According to the BANDI ad presentation, I should be able to easily carry these items, but I cannot. The material, construction, and workmanship all seem to have resulted in an expensive
waste of a purchase. I've never written such a blatantly negative review, but I felt potential buyers should be warned before ordering a BANDI.

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The BANDI Wear Story

BANDI Wear - Adjustable Pocketed Belts

Hip Storage

BANDI Wear's belts look like something you’d wear even if you didn’t need to carry things. It combines the convenience of a fanny pack with a more streamlined, subtle appearance.

Founders Bev Perrea and Beth Koenig spent a year and a half developing this flattering, modern fanny pack. BANDI folds over on itself to form a low profile pocket, without the bulk of zippers or snaps. Tuck a cell phone, ID, and cash inside the generous interior. (The larger BANDI even fits a passport.) For keys or coins, a smaller side pocket is just right.

The soft spandex knit is comfy with an adjustable glide for
a fast, snug fit. Whether you’re running errands, or actually running or exercising, BANDI is made to stay put. Wear BANDI under your clothes or over. Use it a security belt while traveling, and even keep it on through a metal detector (as long as you aren’t carrying keys!).

With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, BANDI complements your outfit and your lifestyle.
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