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Large Pocket Adjustable Belt Sample

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Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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Perfect for Pump

5/8/2018 by Allison

My mom has Parkinson's and just had the pump for her meds installed. It's very similar to an insulin pump. All the other pouches she found were unattractive, bulky, didn't fit the pump right ... she was really frustrated and depressed. She wanted to look nice and be comfortable. This belt was PERFECT. She cried from joy when she tried it because now she doesn't feel conspicuous when she goes out. She ordered a bunch more. Thank you so much for a wonderful product.


Cool Pocket Belt

4/21/2018 by Marie

A bought one, wore it once and bought two more.
Fits all you need when you go out for dinner or anywhere you don’t want to be bothered to carry a bag. Great for traveling or at a concert. Your belongings are safe and your hands and shoulder are free.
Cool look, cool idea!!


I love it

4/20/2018 by Shana

Very strong and versatile and I’m a juicy girl and it stretches and fits very comfortably


Super helpful for travel

1/7/2018 by Libby

I love this product! I travel virtually non-stop and this fits conveniently under or over my shirts to hold essentials like tix, credit cards, currency, chapstick etc.

I also use it running errands when I don’t want to deal with a handbag.

Everyone who’s seen it has asked me where to get one!


Holds Much With a Smooth Profile

12/28/2017 by Barb

I walk regularly, and I love the convenience of having my ID, some cash or credit cards, a tissue, and my phone handy. This belt holds all of those things easily.

It stays nice and smooth, and doesn't give the bulge that a traditional fanny belt gives.

My only negatives for this item are that I found the belt will get larger but not smaller with its adjusting buckle. I had to make a tack in it to get it small enough. Also, I desired a loop to attach a car key to. I added an o-ring to be able to hook on my key rather than putting it in a pocket and possibly poking a hole in the belt.


I love my large pocket belt

11/11/2017 by Natalie b

I keep ordering more and more belt for friends and family. It peeps cell phone near. Saves your shoulder and back when you don’t have to lug around a heavy pleased with prouduct as well as Grommet itself.


Awesome and fashionable

11/5/2017 by Brenda D

I just returned from a 2 1/2 week European adventure. I had ordered the large multicolor Bandi belt for this trip. I can not tell you how many times, I would slip my cell phone into my beautiful belt, feel the softness inside and know that I'd made a brilliant purchase! I used it for carrying small amounts of cash and at times, our passports. But mainly for my phone/camera which was in and out of there hundreds of times! No worries about it ever slipping out as long as you put it on so that the flap goes over the top to secure it. Better than putting my phone in my purse or jacket pocket, the Bandi was always right where I needed it.


Hands free!!!!

10/17/2017 by Carol

Omg, I bought this for my upcoming trip to Europe, but for some reason decided to wear it during one of my inspections this week....I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before!! It work just beautiful. I didn’t have this big bag hanging from my waist, I have my hands free and my phone, keys and everything else ready for me if o needed it. To top it up, everybody at work think I’m cool now


It is great!

6/28/2017 by Elizabeth

I bought to use mainly when taking walks. I always need to take keys, my phone and sometimes $ or credit card and holds all of it and feels secure. It is by no means huge but just right for me. I looked at reviews and went with the large pocket and glad I did. I have a regular size iPhone and would not want the pockets any smaller. I am thinking of buying it for a gift. Would be great for a jogger or biker.


Handy Pocket for Phone and More!

6/28/2017 by Andrea

I use this Bandi pocket to hold my phone so that I can listen to audiobooks while painting our house or working in the yard. I look forward to using it on our vacation trip this summer.

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The BANDI Wear Story

BANDI Wear - Adjustable Pocketed Belts

Hip Storage

BANDI Wear's belts look like something you’d wear even if you didn’t need to carry things. It combines the convenience of a fanny pack with a more streamlined, subtle appearance.

Founders Bev Perrea and Beth Koenig spent a year and a half developing this flattering, modern fanny pack. BANDI folds over on itself to form a low profile pocket, without the bulk of zippers or snaps. Tuck a cell phone, ID, and cash inside the generous interior. (The larger BANDI even fits a passport.) For keys or coins, a smaller side pocket is just right.

The soft spandex knit is comfy with an adjustable glide for
a fast, snug fit. Whether you’re running errands, or actually running or exercising, BANDI is made to stay put. Wear BANDI under your clothes or over. Use it a security belt while traveling, and even keep it on through a metal detector (as long as you aren’t carrying keys!).

With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, BANDI complements your outfit and your lifestyle.
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