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Awesome tool, misleading picture.

5/16/2017 by Brad

The moment I saw this tool, I knew I wanted one. I couldn't wait for it to arrive. As soon as I got it, I opened it up to find that it did not come with the holster. This is a shame, since it is pictured Together, and there was no separate "holster" line item to purchase. The tool itself is as cool as it looks. It is balanced, cuts well, and feels good in my hand. Nonetheless, my enthusiasm for this purchase is diminished since I feel like I didn't get all that I thought I was getting.


Let's garden

5/16/2017 by Terry Starkey

This is a fine product, mine was supposed to come with a tool sheath and it did not. This really bugs me because of the potential for damage to the tool as it sits in my garden tool bucket. I really wish the sheath had come with it

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The Barebones Living Story

Barebones Living | Garden Tools

Built Tough

Barebones Living believes in building quality gardening tools, and their durable gear—like a spade, hoe, the multi-functional Ultimate Tool, and Harvesting and Gathering Bag—can easily handle digging in the dirt and many more tough jobs.

Founder Robert Workman applies the Shaker philosophy (creating things that are equal parts necessary, useful, and beautiful) to his well-made tools. His designs have a minimal-but-functional feel, and are made with strong, long-lasting materials like tempered stainless steel and walnut to handily dig, weed, till, and tackle other dirty jobs without wearing

Barebones Living was created to support Robert’s own non-profit. They now give back to marginalized people—from providing shelter after natural disasters to helping fund mobile medical clinics. For all the good these tools do in your garden, they’re also making a positive impact around the world.
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