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Vintage Champagne Case of 24

Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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7/10/2015 by Theresa

Nice design and lightweight, I expected something with a clearer finish. Great for when the grandchildren are over and heavy drinkers. I thought it was a little overpriced.


Too small.

7/2/2015 by Cari

These are too small for my purposes.


Visible Seam

5/22/2015 by Isaac

There is a noticceable seam on the wine glasses which visibly "outs" them as plastic.


OK, not stellar

1/5/2015 by Susan

Sturdy plastic. Good size for scotch/whisky. Do not place in dishwasher, even top rack. Hand wash, hand dry to avoid spots. The description says sunblock can harm the plastic. I want to use these outside - in the sun, with people who likely are wearing sunscreen. So I'm curious how long I can keep these glasses new looking. It was worth it to me to try them, as I do NOT want to use glass glasses outside, due to possible breakage.


Hudson's Great

11/7/2014 by Jane

I ordered the Stemmed Wine b/c the only poolside wine glasses I had were crummy plastic and too thick for really enjoying wine. I was disappointed; these Stemmed Wine are not as thin/glass-like as all the talk made them sound, although they are a step up from what I had so I will keep them. But they were a lot of money for what is clearly plastic. I also ordered the short Hudson glasses which I'm thrilled with; they are perfect.


Not so "Luxe"

7/22/2014 by Marvin

Although they look good, we've found that they do "stain" after several uses and washings. Not cloudy like glass, but more like imbedded blotches. We clean them in the dishwasher. Wonder if anyone else has had the same experience?



4/20/2014 by Elaine

This is a pleasant glass but not quite as advertised. They became cloudy looking after only a few washes in the dishwasher. It could be the water or the soap ( a name brand product) or ? In any event, they look cloudy and definitely not like glass.


too thick

1/1/2014 by Linda

This is pretty, clear, lightweight glassware, but it is too thick. I will be returning before testing other properties.


Beware Sunscreen

6/20/2017 by Layne

Yes they are lovely and crystal clear, but you cannot handle once you have used sunscreen on them. So if you think having them poolside is a great idea you need to be aware that they will have permanent fingerprints etched onto them in no time, if plans to be out in the sun.
They are a great weight and they do seem to be indestructible in terms of dropping them. But I feel somewhat misled, especially for the price. You have all these pictures showing these items out in the sun; certainly seems like you should have a bit more of a warning about just how easily these will mar if touched by hands that have sunscreen on them: CSI wouldn't even have to use dust to get a useable print off our pint glasses.
We would have been much better off sticking with plastic tumblers.



12/16/2016 by Robin

I've seen, and held, an unbreakable wine glass in the past. It was amazing in that it looked and felt like real glassware. That's what I had in mind when I ordered the Barlux glasses from the grommet. The Barlux are not what I expected in that they feel like plastic to me. They look like glass, but feel too light compared to glass.

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The BarLuxe Story

BarLuxe - Unbreakable Drinkware

Everyday Drinkware

When bar owners start mixing company with people who know how to engineer plastics, it’s a recipe for better barware.

BarLuxe got its start when some friends started brainstorming about how to create unbreakable drinkware. It took many tests and the emergence of a new compound from Eastman Chemical—Tritan copolyester—before BarLuxe’s nearly indestructible glasses were ready for action. They have the aesthetics of real glass and unparalleled durability. In testing, BarLuxe even drove a car over one of its glasses, which survived the impact without breaking. Eastman also rigorously tested the
BPA-free Tritan compound against the biggest enemy of conventional polycarbonate and acrylic drinkware: the dishwasher. After hundreds of cycles in commercial and consumer dishwashers, BarLuxe’s barware emerged without a hint of cloudiness, streaks, or cracks.

BarLuxe’s drinkware is ideal for outdoor use, where the last thing you want to worry about is a shattered wine glass. But it’s not limited to outdoors. It’s right at home in your dining room, too—and you won’t feel like you’re reaching for a kiddie cup. That was a key priority for Jason O'Brien, a plastics industry veteran and BarLuxe Co-founder. No one wants durability at the expense of style, and BarLuxe doesn’t sacrifice either.

We’ll drink to that.
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