Vintage Champagne Case of 24

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Love These!

4/21/2014 by Rebecca

Due to neuropathy I have a great deal of trouble holding glasses. I hate plastic cups but hate dropping and breaking glassware, too. These seemed the best solution and they really are. I can drink out of them without the fear of dropped and breaking them. They feel wonderful in my hands and they certainly don’t have that plastic smell. Great glasses! Great buy! I plan to buy more as I can.


Love them for disabled son.

4/9/2014 by Ed

I have a disabled son and cement floors so these are essential. They look like glasses but are unbreakable. I'd like to see more glasses in this line more for regular home use and less for bars. Love them though.


Nice set of drinkware

3/24/2014 by Vicki

Great quality and a must have around kids and around the pool.


Nice drink ware!

3/16/2014 by Deborah

I like the design of these because when you put them in the dishwasher the bottoms don't collect water because of the cleverly designed channels in the bottoms. I also like that they won't shatter on my tile floors like real glass does. They look and feel very nice as well. Great for entertaining! I will buy more.


Great plastic glasses

2/20/2014 by Robin

Love these glasses they are phenomenal! Highly recommend


Best cocktail glass ever

2/15/2014 by Robert

This is my second set of six of Hudson Short. I'm 81 years of age and have been looking for the perfect cocktail glass. It took me sixty years of (legal) happy hours but I've finally found success.


Best cocktail glass ever

2/5/2014 by Robert

I have been searching for the best 'rocks' glass for more
than sixty years. (i'm 81). Who would have ever thought
that the winner would be plastic? Perfect shape, size and
weight. Fantastic looking, not plasticky. I don't usually
rave about products.

I was so pleased that I bought a second set of six.


Beautiful and easy to hand on to.

2/5/2014 by Jill S

The taller glasses are great and no one knew they were plastic when I served their drinks in them. Many have asked for the web site as they want them for boat use and at the lake when people are taking them outside. Very impressed with them.


Easy to handle

2/5/2014 by Jill S

My Grandchildren use the stem free wine glasses and I love them. They are heavy enough so they don't tip easily and are perfect for their little hands. Of course when the adults want them for wine...there is a little bargaining going on.


Great look and feel.

2/5/2014 by Jill S

Classy and they look like real glass.

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The BarLuxe Story

BarLuxe - Unbreakable Drinkware

Everyday Drinkware

When bar owners start mixing company with people who know how to engineer plastics, it’s a recipe for better barware.

BarLuxe got its start when some friends started brainstorming about how to create unbreakable drinkware. It took many tests and the emergence of a new compound from Eastman Chemical—Tritan copolyester—before BarLuxe’s nearly indestructible glasses were ready for action. They have the aesthetics of real glass and unparalleled durability. In testing, BarLuxe even drove a car over one of its glasses, which survived the impact without breaking. Eastman also rigorously tested the
BPA-free Tritan compound against the biggest enemy of conventional polycarbonate and acrylic drinkware: the dishwasher. After hundreds of cycles in commercial and consumer dishwashers, BarLuxe’s barware emerged without a hint of cloudiness, streaks, or cracks.

BarLuxe’s drinkware is ideal for outdoor use, where the last thing you want to worry about is a shattered wine glass. But it’s not limited to outdoors. It’s right at home in your dining room, too—and you won’t feel like you’re reaching for a kiddie cup. That was a key priority for Jason O'Brien, a plastics industry veteran and BarLuxe Co-founder. No one wants durability at the expense of style, and BarLuxe doesn’t sacrifice either.

We’ll drink to that.
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