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BBQ Croc

Starter Pack 1 Case of 14

Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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It's Just OK

5/15/2018 by Barbara

The packing did not protect the tool so it was a little bent when we got it. We straightened it out and then we needed to oil it to get it to operate smoothly. It works well to grasp smaller items but not really good for big food like hamburgers, steaks, etc. It was fine for the price.


Just Okay

5/15/2018 by CAROL

The design of this BBQ tool is great, but my husband, who only has use of one hand, had real problems using this. It does not grip the food items securely enough to prevent them from falling out of the tools teeth. The concept is good, just not for us. We will continue looking.



6/25/2018 by Lisakay

We have tried this Croc several times. We could barely hold onto a burger to flip it, let alone the chicken found in the video. The old clumsy tool we had is now back in use.


not big enuf for burger

6/10/2019 by Germaine

Spatula is extremely small. Not even 1-3/4 wide. Maybe it was meant for meatballs, not burgers. Unfortunately I ordered 2 of them, one was a gift. Not happy.


Never received my order

1/6/2019 by Fran

I ordered this along with several other items (which I like) but still have never received the BBQ Croc. Is it on back order?

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The BBQ Croc Story

Grab, flip, clean. The grilling trifecta.

Grill Multitasker

After 20 years in culinary publishing, Maker Nicolas Vallee had tested enough BBQ tools to know he could create something more versatile and helpful. On a trip to South Africa, he found his inspiration—a long tool used to move coals and wood around in the fire. Getting hands too close to the heat is a common grilling pitfall, as is losing control of food while flipping. Nicolas’ 3-in-1 BBQ tool solves those problems and more.

Lightweight and dishwasher-safe, this spatula-tongs-scraper is made of food-grade aluminum, so it won’t rust. The dual-spatula system gives you a firm hand on whatever
you need to flip, and when used as tongs, the tool can open wide enough to grab a whole chicken or roast. When dinner’s done, use the scraping edge to get rid of cooked-on grill gunk. Read More Read Less