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Bear Paw Products

Meat Handler and Shredder Case of 16

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Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Very handy gadget

1/2/2019 by Clyde

How clever this device is....hope the person invented this is rich.....Very simple but useful in many ways around the the videos for ideas !!!!



12/27/2018 by Michelle

The Bear Paw Meat Handler and Shredder was a gift to my brother but he hasn't stopped raving about it! Wonderful, sturdy, adorable, and he can use it to scratch his doggies!


Great Tool

12/26/2018 by Thomasina

I used my Meat Handler and Shredder for the first time yesterday. It didn't take long to figure out that these should have been in my kitchen years ago. A task that I previously found daunting was done with little effort. I highly recommend these!



12/22/2018 by Patricia

I used to shred with 2 forks and my arms would
Get tired. I used these for the first time
And I couldn't believe how much easier
It was. Highly recommend!!


Wow! I’ve wanted get some of these!

12/22/2018 by JudyR

That’s the reaction I got when I gave my brother his Bear Paws! Perfect for lifting, and shredding! Here in the South, barbecue is a way of life, so you can see why this gift is perfect for us!


Meat Shredder

12/19/2018 by Cheryl

Just as described, Solid & Sharp. Love the fact that it can be used several different ways,: for watermelon, salad & pulled pork, beef or chicken! Holding down a roast too.
Happy to have it and may buy as gifts in the future.


Useful tool

12/12/2018 by Janis

On Thanksgiving our friend had a pair of large forks that she used to lift the turkey. They worked fine, but not as well as these tools! With the “slot” style opening rather than long handles for one’s hands the grip is more effective and secure.
These work not only to lift meat from the roasting pan, but as pictured to shred the meat, and to serve salad.
I am pleased to add these to my kitchen toolbox.


Great product

12/11/2018 by Sharlene

I got this as a gift for afamily member . I saw him make pulled pork by hand. When I saw the bear paws I thought of him. Thank you.


Great product

12/11/2018 by Sharlene

I got this as a gift for afamily member . I saw him make pulled pork by hand. When I saw the bear paws I thought of him. Thank you.


Absolutely amazing

12/5/2018 by Connie

Bought this for my daughter who does a lot of BBQ in her Pit Boss Smoker, she absolutely loves this product it has cut her time tremendously when doing pulled meats ! She says they are really sharp and can work quickly with them ! Wants to know where they have been all these years !

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The Bear Paw Products Story

Shred meat like a true barbecue boss.

Meat Claws

Bear Paws sturdy meat shredding claws and copper grill mats are made to make cooking tasks better and easier.

Grip the Made in the USA claws to shred pulled pork, chicken, or any other food you want to tear up. A simple design gets the job done quickly—thanks to six prongs on each claw—while limiting your contact with the meat. The prongs are super sharp and make the tool handy for lifting roasts or turkeys or to use for extra stability while you’re carving and slicing.

You may see other knockoffs that have a less sturdy design. But Bear Paws are the true barbecue champ.

For grilling and
roasting, a copper grill mat works like a baking sheet that can handle temps up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Use one for cooking proteins and veggies or when you’re getting your bake on. Read More Read Less