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Bear Paw Products

Meat Handler and Shredder - 36 Black Units + Display Case of 36

Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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No more trying to shred with a fork!

7/20/2018 by Chris

This is one of those things that you wish you had when you need it, but forget to buy when you are at the store. Now that I finally ordered and used it, I'm a satisfied customer. So far this has worked well for shredding a pork roast and also for shredding chicken we made in a slow cooker for chicken tacos. I would have given five stars, but I don't like that the backside is hollow which it allows it to collect dishwater when you wash them if you aren't careful to make sure that the finished side is up. Other than that minor annoyance it is a product that works great and the strong material it is made from will no doubt last for years.


No More Cramped Hands

5/15/2018 by TJ

Meat (chicken, pork, or beef) doesn't stand a chance with these claws. Shreds quickly and efficiently.


Good Quality

10/22/2017 by Debbi R

Actually haven't had a chance to use these yet but I can say the quality is amazing...really hefty and the claws are pretty darn sharp.



5/3/2017 by Ravonda

I thought that I would love this product for shredding meat. It does work, but I have painful joints and it hurts my hands. I will continue to use it anyway.


Fun down & dirty meat claws!

2/23/2017 by Raen

These meat shredders were the perfect valentine's present for my boyfriend who just discovered how to use a slow cooker. Well crafted, super sharp, easy to use but lighter than expected as they aren't metal.


Help with shredding

1/14/2017 by Cathy

Worked well to shred the chicken for the white chili I made over the holidays.



12/22/2016 by stephanie

They take little bit o get the hang of & are very sharp. Not bad once you get use to them (we shredded a pork shoulder BI).


Nice sturdy

10/31/2016 by Rose

The package it came in was opened completely. Since this was a gift that made it a little awkward. It was appreciated though.


An element of Danger but Otherwise Very Effective

7/1/2016 by Louis

Right out of the box I could tell that we were going to use these regularly. They're strong and right-sized for picking up heavy poultry and roasts, and holding same in place for carving.

The danger with these lies in the fact that they are SHARP and could do serious damage to the user in a moment of inattention. Having said that I would still recommend them to would-be buyers. Just be careful when using them.


Works well

6/20/2016 by Ann

This made shredding barbeque pork shoulder so much easier! The claws are a little big for my hands but still worked well.

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The Bear Paw Products Story

Shred meat like a true barbecue boss.

Meat Claws

Bear Paws sturdy meat shredding claws and copper grill mats are made to make cooking tasks better and easier.

Grip the Made in the USA claws to shred pulled pork, chicken, or any other food you want to tear up. A simple design gets the job done quickly—thanks to six prongs on each claw—while limiting your contact with the meat. The prongs are super sharp and make the tool handy for lifting roasts or turkeys or to use for extra stability while you’re carving and slicing.

You may see other knockoffs that have a less sturdy design. But Bear Paws are the true barbecue champ.

For grilling and
roasting, a copper grill mat works like a baking sheet that can handle temps up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Use one for cooking proteins and veggies or when you’re getting your bake on. Read More Read Less