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Meat Handler and Shredder Retail Starter Kit with Display Case of 36

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Works well

11/1/2019 by Anita

Works well but can be a little awkward to get the right angle. It’s sturdy and very sharp.


work well, better than forks

6/26/2019 by Brad

Pork shreds the best, other meats take a little more practice to get the size pieces one desires for the end serving.


Love them

2/14/2019 by Kathleen

Very handy for shredding all kinds of meat



2/14/2019 by G

This tool saves a whole lot of time and effort


Good kitchen tool

2/13/2019 by A

Great for lifting meat, poultry from the pan, or shredding beef or pork


Great for Shredding Meat

2/13/2019 by Anne

If you like to make BBQ or just want to shred a chicken to use in soup, these claws hands make it easier and faster to do. Definitely better than using forks to do the same thing.


Quite effective, quite large

2/13/2019 by Robyn

These will definitely do the trick to shred large pieces of meat. However, since buying them I have found that I seldom have such large pieces of meat to shred, and they're not a great help for shredding chicken. They're too big and cumbersome for that, especially if you're dealing with small bones, and they're also dangerous for something that small. It would be quite easy to shred your hand instead. So these are perfect for shredding large cuts of beef or pork. If you don't shred much of that, they're probably not for you. And definitely keep them out of kids' reach because they really are like a bear claw!


Good but have a worry

12/18/2018 by Nicholas

I'm really think this is a great help for tougher meats to shred. Unfortunately due to the material used I'm afraid of a break down dramatically overtime. After the first use the pointy ends of each near paw began to warp and bent upward. Again my worry is it will continue to breakdown and eventually the end peices that are warping and bending will end up in my food. I hope not..


Che gift

12/14/2018 by Patricia

Looks to be very handy


Great tool but very sharp

11/3/2018 by Cyndi

Now that I’ve had a chance to use these babies, I can write a better review. I make a lot of pulled pork and when I saw these I thought they would be the answer to my prayers instead of using dinner forks. And I wasn’t wrong. They get the job done in a hurry but I must warn you, these are SHARP and if you’re not paying attention while using them or washing them, you could really injure yourself. They perform exactly as advertised. I really appreciate having them in my toolbox.

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The Bear Paw Products Story

Shred meat like a true barbecue boss.

Meat Claws

Bear Paws sturdy meat shredding claws and copper grill mats are made to make cooking tasks better and easier.

Grip the Made in the USA claws to shred pulled pork, chicken, or any other food you want to tear up. A simple design gets the job done quickly—thanks to six prongs on each claw—while limiting your contact with the meat. The prongs are super sharp and make the tool handy for lifting roasts or turkeys or to use for extra stability while you’re carving and slicing.

You may see other knockoffs that have a less sturdy design. But Bear Paws are the true barbecue champ.

For grilling and
roasting, a copper grill mat works like a baking sheet that can handle temps up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Use one for cooking proteins and veggies or when you’re getting your bake on. Read More Read Less