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Meat Handler and Shredder Sample

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awesome kitchen tool

3/2/2016 by KEL

very useful. Can also double as a costume prop for the Woverine-lol



2/25/2016 by Margarita

Nice grip



2/11/2016 by Joyce

The Bear Claws definitely do the job! Be careful though, those points are sharp!


good gear

2/10/2016 by Brewster

Nicely designed, well made, does the job.


Poor packaging

12/24/2019 by D Jones

I agree with “Unimpressed”. Mine were delivered in the same shape. They were in a box where mishandling would have not been able to cause that.
I did tape it together since it was a Christmas present for my husband.
He seemed to like the product and can’t wait to use them. They are very sharp so I would suggest Bear Paws come up with a protective sleeve to protect the points and prevent hands from getting pricked when searching through kitchen draws.



12/9/2019 by Ken

The package is a cardboard backing with a clear plastic shell, that allows you to see the item. My bear claws arrived with the plastic shell detached from the cardboard backing. I superglued the pieces back together before wrapping so that they wouldn't look like a used them and re purposed them. Disappointing that they would be sent that way. I doubt that the vibration in the UPS/FedX truck would have caused this.


Good, not great

7/26/2018 by Hat Lady

These work, but they don't shred the meat the way I like it done, but make Sloppy Joe material instead.


Good but could be better

11/7/2016 by Jim

Shredding meat with forks is hard on the hands, and these make it easier. The pictures of the product do not show the underside of the handle. It is not smooth like the top, but is open plastic ridges dividing the space. These make it less comfortable to hold and a bit harder to clean than it would be if the underside were smooth like the top side.



7/25/2018 by Lesley



Cheap plastic

12/28/2017 by Snowing again

Might work once without breaking

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The Bear Paw Products Story

Shred meat like a true barbecue boss.

Meat Claws

Bear Paws sturdy meat shredding claws and copper grill mats are made to make cooking tasks better and easier.

Grip the Made in the USA claws to shred pulled pork, chicken, or any other food you want to tear up. A simple design gets the job done quickly—thanks to six prongs on each claw—while limiting your contact with the meat. The prongs are super sharp and make the tool handy for lifting roasts or turkeys or to use for extra stability while you’re carving and slicing.

You may see other knockoffs that have a less sturdy design. But Bear Paws are the true barbecue champ.

For grilling and
roasting, a copper grill mat works like a baking sheet that can handle temps up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Use one for cooking proteins and veggies or when you’re getting your bake on. Read More Read Less