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Goodbye option for certain bathroom set-ups

10/18/2016 by G

My husband really likes the product, but he quickly learned that it works best in the bathroom with a large vanity and mirror. Using it in the bathroom with a pedestal sink created a big mess.


Pretty good

10/23/2015 by Melanie

Works well except when I received the product, it was missing 1 suction cup. Since I live in Canada and had to arrange shipment to a friend's house an exchange would have been difficult. I was disappointed with this inconvenience and had to purchase a replacement suction cup.


Beard Mat grommet tore lose.

7/2/2015 by Michael

I am somewhat dissatisfied with the day-to-day workability of this product. The first time I finished using the mat, I pulled the suction cups off my mirror only to find the metal grommet tore away from the fabric. One grommet pulled completely out of the fabric, the other one had already started to tear.
The fabric is terrific. It is so slippery that beard hairs simply shake off, completely!
But the grommets needed to be a better quality.
I went to my local hardware store and purchased a grommet tool and repaired the Beard Mat with a larger diameter and heavier duty grommet. Seems to have solved my issue.
I was surprised and mildly disappointed with this purchase experience. Up till now, other products purchased from your company have been of better quality.



2/13/2019 by Beth

I expected more.


Poor packaging

12/25/2018 by Chloe

The packaging made the suction cup messed up in a way that only one side sticks well but not the other one making one side constantly falling.... good product with poor packaging...


Arrived worthless.

12/4/2018 by Wes

Pretty harsh headline, I know. But this item shipped with deformed suction cups that wouldn't stick. Which defeats the whole purpose of the device.

After about a week, they regained their original shape and now work more or less. Not really good suction, but mostly passable.

Good idea, but bad sourcing, it seems. I wouldn't recommend it.

If the cups were replaced with something firmer and more resilient, then I'd change my tune.


fabric is great but suction cups don't stick

10/11/2016 by elizabeth

The fabric that is made of lets the debris slide easily into the trash, but the suction cups are flat and don't hold. Very disappointed.


Works Ok, Not the Best.

8/21/2015 by Joey

Got this as a gift from a friend. Cool problem to solve but there was not much utility that went into the design of the product.

I could have simple just used a towel or sheet instead. It did catch the hair, but the disposal was hard and unorthodox.


Never received - negative 5 rating

6/21/2016 by Nancy

This vendor should be removed from this site. I have not received the product. After 9 days, the USPS site gave an update that the label had been made. Really? This was a Father's Day present.


I might have just used a towel

5/26/2016 by Joe F

The product catches the hair but does not fit most sinks especially smaller ones. The hair still get all over my chest and body.

Also the disposal is very hard. You clump it up and try and stand over a trash can hoping the hairs fall in. Good idea just poor execution. I might as well have saved my money and just use a towel or a sheet.

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The BeardMat Story

BeardMat - Shaving Cover

Clean Grooming

The days of bathroom floors and counters being covered with beard trimmings are numbered, thanks to BeardMat.

This three-foot-square mat attaches to your mirror with suction cups, covering up the sink and countertops. As you trim, the hair falls onto the non-stick fabric instead of all over your bathroom. It just takes a few seconds to set up, but it saves a ton of time in cleaning up.

This beard trimmings catcher is made with 100% machine-washable polyester so hair won’t stick to it. When you’re done shaving or grooming, the clippings simply slide right off into the trash. It’s so easy. And
it works just as well for trimming hair on your head, too.

BeardMat is a great gift for anyone who has a beard or moustache—or lives with a person who does. Founder Adam Raby came up with the idea for this clever invention after one too many times finding beard trimmings in his toothbrush. He created a solution that was simple yet effective.

It’s the perfect accessory for men or women who want to keep a clean look and a tidy bathroom.
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