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Beard Trimming Mat Case of 10

Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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A solution that was so obvious.

6/22/2018 by Otto

When I first saw the product, a moment of bliss past thru me. So simple. Why hasn't someone offered this before. Bought one for myself and one each for both of my sons.


Great Product

6/4/2018 by QSK

The material allows your trimmings to just glide off into the trash. No clean up at all! Saves a ton of time.



5/16/2018 by Shannon

Great if my daughter can just train my son in law to actually us it.


The Best

5/15/2018 by Linda

My husband is even as enthusiastic as I M with this purchase. It’s great. - highly recommend. He was using a new large plastic trash bag previously.


Much Better with two suction cups!

4/11/2018 by Randy

The BeardMat works very well at catching all my trimmings.

I originally received a BeardMat with one suction cup and when the Grommet crew saw my complaint they took care of me and sent a proper two suction set-up. It was a painless fix for me and I thank all involved with my replacement.

Again, great product, my wife(no more sink trims!) is happy and so am I.


Husband Loves His BeardMat

2/25/2018 by Patricia

My husband offered this unsolicited opinion of his Valentine gift - the BeardMat. He reported that it is so effective in containing his beard trimmings and that disposal couldn’t be easier as all trimmings slide off into the trash without fail. I am thrilled to not be chasing beard trimmings around his bathroom when I clean. We both give it an “A+++”!



2/22/2018 by Kameron

This product is life-saving. No more standing over the trash can trying to catch all the little hairs... no more getting fuzzies all over the counter... this contraption is genius and we love it! My husband loves it because it cleans up so easily (the hairs just clump right together when you go to clean up), and I love it because I scored on a gift for him! :)


Perfect for the bearded ones

1/5/2018 by Karen

I purchased this for my son-in-law.He keeps his beard trimmed neatly, but not the bathroom sink!
Great gift and he is really happy to use it and so is my daughter! Lol
I highly recommend the BeardMat.
Great service at The Grommet. Kudos


Very handy item!

12/30/2017 by Jenny

Great product! Great price! Catches all the hair and makes for much cleaner trimming!



12/1/2017 by Adam

Does what it’s supposed to do. Folds up nicely

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The BeardMat Story

BeardMat - Shaving Cover

Clean Grooming

The days of bathroom floors and counters being covered with beard trimmings are numbered, thanks to BeardMat.

This three-foot-square mat attaches to your mirror with suction cups, covering up the sink and countertops. As you trim, the hair falls onto the non-stick fabric instead of all over your bathroom. It just takes a few seconds to set up, but it saves a ton of time in cleaning up.

This beard trimmings catcher is made with 100% machine-washable polyester so hair won’t stick to it. When you’re done shaving or grooming, the clippings simply slide right off into the trash. It’s so easy. And
it works just as well for trimming hair on your head, too.

BeardMat is a great gift for anyone who has a beard or moustache—or lives with a person who does. Founder Adam Raby came up with the idea for this clever invention after one too many times finding beard trimmings in his toothbrush. He created a solution that was simple yet effective.

It’s the perfect accessory for men or women who want to keep a clean look and a tidy bathroom.
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