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Beard Trimming Mat Case of 10

Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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So much less hair around the sink!

5/2/2017 by Wendy

Got these for my husband and two sons. LOVE THIS PRODUCT! My daughter-in-law LOVES this product! It isn't that the guys are particularly messy, but this mat is so easy to use and makes a trip to the bin a breeze. THANK YOU!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

5/2/2017 by Janae

My bearded other half used to make never-ending messes while trimming his beard and/or simply shaving. The mess was elusive. He "thought" he'd cleaned the sink/counter but hairs/whiskers were always showing up... This mat has been a dream come true. After he's done shaving/trimming, he simply takes it outside and shakes it over the lawn and NO MORE MESSES! The suction cups that adhere to the mirror are a key component of this mat and is simply genius. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!



3/8/2017 by Jacque

Great product it keeps the sink and counter cleaner.


Easy cleanup!

2/27/2017 by Danielle

This works much better than my husband laying out paper towels or cutting open a garbage bag. He said it worked great and I didn't find beard hairs on my counter. :) Win-win!


Less cleanup

1/29/2017 by Douglas

I cut my hair short and this has made cleanup so easy! 3 suction cups, one in middle, would secure it better on the mirror


Great ideal

1/25/2017 by Charlene

Returned 1-could not use it
I think this is a great ideal.


my son love it

1/18/2017 by Ling

my son love it



1/15/2017 by Leslie

This beard mat answers the prayers of every wife whose husband trims his own hair or beard. No more of the dreaded and despised hair filled towels that seem like hair magnets. The beard mat empties beautifully into the garbage and so far has worked well for my husband. May heaven bless the kind soul who invented this.


Home Run with Hubby!

1/15/2017 by Linda

I gave my husband the BeardMat for Christmas and he loves it! He gave it a 5 because: it does what it needs to do very well, he wouldn't have thought he needed a tool like this until he had it, and the inventor gets full points for inventiveness. I give it a 5 because it keeps all those tiny bits of hair off the vanity, and the toothpaste tube, and the soap dish, and the get the idea. Thank you!


Hair Happiness!

1/14/2017 by Laurie

No more trimmed bangs in my sink, on my counter and on the floor. And they don't stick to the Beard Mat--they slide right into the trash. Happiness!

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The BeardMat Story

BeardMat - Shaving Cover

Clean Grooming

The days of bathroom floors and counters being covered with beard trimmings are numbered, thanks to BeardMat.

This three-foot-square mat attaches to your mirror with suction cups, covering up the sink and countertops. As you trim, the hair falls onto the non-stick fabric instead of all over your bathroom. It just takes a few seconds to set up, but it saves a ton of time in cleaning up.

This beard trimmings catcher is made with 100% machine-washable polyester so hair won’t stick to it. When you’re done shaving or grooming, the clippings simply slide right off into the trash. It’s so easy. And
it works just as well for trimming hair on your head, too.

BeardMat is a great gift for anyone who has a beard or moustache—or lives with a person who does. Founder Adam Raby came up with the idea for this clever invention after one too many times finding beard trimmings in his toothbrush. He created a solution that was simple yet effective.

It’s the perfect accessory for men or women who want to keep a clean look and a tidy bathroom.
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