Better Than Rocks

16" x 96" Roll Case of 2

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saves my back

7/20/2020 by sue

Wish I would have known about this years ago. In October I cut the planter drainage material to fit old wine barrels. Then i pack in the soil and tulip and daffodil bulbs. At the end of the season in May, I can then move the barrels without any help and tuck the barrels behind a tree until the next October planting. Very useful.


Lightens up large planters!

7/20/2020 by Jennifer

Used this material in extra large planters to keep the weight down. The plants are all thriving.


Helps with the weight

1/3/2020 by Tami

Sure saves me on dirt & on my back. Pots are now manageable in weight.
Great idea.


Use in all my pots!

11/22/2019 by Laurie

I have bought this three times now. Material lasts and can be reused when repotting. I like that it keeps the soil from running out the drain holes (and leaving dirt stains underneath). Have noticed that plant roots may grow through the porous material if used in smaller pots,, but not an issue. It is a bit expensive, but worth it,


Worked great in our Pots

11/2/2019 by Anita

Filled up large pots so much easier than other alternatives


Super easy

9/22/2019 by rosemary

I used it in a flagstone planter attached to the front porch. Removed current old dirt and tar paper witch had been used for years. Tar paper is not suitable. I'm waiting for this very rainy weather to pass in order to finish the project.


Repeat buyer!

8/29/2019 by claudia

This is a wonderful product! I have purchased it in the past and it is so much easier than loading rocks into pots! Saves on soil needs as well!



6/27/2019 by Gerald

Beats the HELL out of landscape fabric and heavy, messy rocks in the bottom of your pots!! This stuff is great.



6/27/2019 by CHAD

Works great, I use this in all of our pots and planters (indoor and outdoor). Keeps the pots lighter and allows the water to drain better. Great stuff.


Easy installation for light pots!

6/21/2019 by Karen

I had 3 pots of varying sizes and one large urn to fill so I ordered the large roll Better Than Rocks! Measuring and cutting the green fiber material was really easy! As pictured on the website I put in 2 layered in each pot and three in the large urn! I have oodles left over to use in years to come. I used so much less soil and the ceramic pots were so easy to move to our screened in porch. The urn was still heavy due to its size, but still I could actually pick it up myself! My husband was impressed. The plants are doing well. They do not seem to mind at all that soil is shallower than usual! I definitely like how I can easily move the pots around. I was impressed that I could now move the urn off the front porch when it rains so it gets the benefit of rain water easily. I am impressed! I'm really like this product. Time will tell whether the plants will do well for the season and how easily the pots are to clean in the fall!

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The Better Than Rocks Story

Better Than Rocks - Planter Drainage Material

This gardener's tool rocks

Container gardens are magical. Whether they’re made up of colorful flowers or stunning foliage, they can turn an ordinary rooftop into an urban paradise, or transform a bare front porch into an inviting retreat. Smart gardeners know that the key to keeping plants healthy is good drainage. Traditionally this means lining the bottom of planters with rocks, which makes the containers heavy and unwieldy and can quickly turn a green thumb into a pain in the back.

Enter John and Sarah Hoggatt, who discovered that the recycled plastic mesh John’s brother-in-law patented as a building material could
double as lightweight, eco-friendly drainage at the bottom of a flower pot. Better Than Rocks works just like rocks do, allowing water to flow freely, yet trapping needed moisture inside the pot. Presto! Pots are pounds lighter, making it easy to rotate them according to your plants’ sunshine needs. The result: a lush, long lasting garden you can enjoy all summer long and no more back pain. As a bonus, Better Than Rocks is also conveniently reusable. Simply shake out, hose off, and you’re ready for the next planting. Read More Read Less