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Fly away with it!

9/2/2018 by Joseph

Does the job!


Best broom ever!

9/2/2018 by marta

I immediately took this broom out onto my irregularly grouted rock walkway-got in all the grooves and swept them clean!Then went to my deck and to the most difficult surface of all- the black mats under my grill and smoker,they are made of some sort of fuzzy fire retardant material that EVERYTHING sticks to!No problem for this incredible broom!Clean with one stroke !! Not enough superlatives to describe this product.It will not disappoint!


I❤️it. My husband doesn’t.

8/27/2018 by Ashley

Great broom for a deck or back patio pavers. My husband thinks it’s too “loud”


It works!

8/22/2018 by kp

I was a little skeptical but thought I'd try it anyway. I thought it might be gimmicky but it is not. It works better than ANY OTHER broom I have used. When sweeping up after raking or grass cutting, it moves all the debris and you don't have to hit it n the sidewalk after each sweep. The dirt, leaves and grass cuttings don't stick to it. Another example of old technology beating modern.


Great broom

8/14/2018 by Laura Lyn

We bought this broom two years ago to use especially when we went camping. We have one of those recycled plastic mats outside our camper and this thing cleans it off better than anything else we’ve tried. We’ve also used it around the house with great results, but it’s our camping broom and we really like it!


Sturdy and Durable

8/9/2018 by Antoinette

The broom is wonderful for inside and outside chores. We use it on our rugs to sweep up our pet's hair and on the patio to remove leaves.


Beauty and utility

8/1/2018 by Rae Lynn

This broom makes sweeping the patio a breeze! Unlike, my straw broom, this takes less strokes to clear off the cement.


This broom is used every where.

7/25/2018 by SHELIA

Regular brooms miss dust “bunnies “
This broom miss nothing and it works well on area rugs when you air dust them out doors.


Don’t know how I lived without it!

6/26/2018 by Elise

Great broom. Stiff enough to get out the dirt. Even better -it is actually beautiful. Wish I got it earlier!


Way better than I expected

5/22/2018 by Marie

I got this to replace a worn out broom. It worked way better than I expected. It takes only about 1/3 of the stokes to do the job. It gets in the grooves in the deck. I did the sidewalk and painted garage floor. I was amazed how well it worked. It only gets that clean when I use the blower. I recommend it 100%

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The Better!Broom Story

Better!Broom | Coconut Palm Outdoor Broom

Sturdy Sweeper

Better!Broom is a sturdy coconut palm broom inspired by similar versions long used around the world. During a trip to China, Maker Susan Albrecht noticed locals sweeping up outside using rustic-looking brooms. The simple-but-effective design stayed with her, and when she couldn’t find it back home in the States, she created a better (and all-natural) way to sweep up.

The brooms are handmade with strong, flexible coconut tree palm fronds. The coconut coir (fiber from the husk) ties give extra durability, too. The result is a lightweight broom that can handle heavy sweeping jobs, while standing
up through years of outdoor use, too. From dirt and debris to leaves and even light snow, sweeping with this earth-friendly (and attractive) broom is indeed altogether better. Read More Read Less