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Best Broom

5/5/2018 by Dana

Decided to order this broom based on other's positive comments regarding how handy it is to use for various outdoor chores. Happy to report I agree. The stiff rake like bristles work like, well . . . a rake. You can literally sweep the yard with it. Or the driveway or patio or whatever needs to be free of debris. Of course only time will tell how long it can withstand the demands I make of it but it seems well made and sturdy enough to endure.


Love this broom.

4/23/2018 by Catherine

I'm very happy with this broom. It makes outside sweeping just that much easier with it's wide sweep and flexible yet strong bristles. Plus, it's beautiful and who doesn't love using a beautiful tool?!



4/11/2018 by Sharon

I love this broom and bought one for my daughter
to use for her front patio. The only slight negative
is that we wish it was just a bit thicker.


Great Broom

1/23/2018 by Debbie

The broom works great! I use it for sweeping pavers. It does a great job getting thing out of the groves between each paver


Very happy with this purchase!

12/29/2017 by Gail

I love this broom. I've used it to rake leaves off the patio & I've used it on several occasions to sweep light snow off my deck so my little dog would go out in the storm to relieve himself. I leave it right outside my sliding door. It's great, so I bought one for my son's household as well. Keep up the good work Grommet!



12/3/2017 by Tina

I am very happy with the quality and performance of this broom. Especially outdoors. It works much faster and with less effort than an ordinary broom!


Great broom

12/2/2017 by Anna

Grommet delivers..product is just what I expected and wanted.


Everything they said it would be

10/20/2017 by Kay

I received my broom yesterday and immediately swept off my large back porch which was littered in leaves. It did a fantastic job! It actually was so good that it saved me time over my old broom, it missed nothing! Very happy I bought it.


Love it

10/17/2017 by Bernadette

It really is like a mix between a broom and a rake. It is great for getting leaves and stuff off my deck and driveway! And great for a Halloween decoration! A witch’s broom


Swept me off My feet!

10/12/2017 by SAJP

I have been sweeping for over sixty years and this broom is the BEST indoor and outdoor broom I have ever been swept away by. Pricey but sooooooo worth it!

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The Better!Broom Story

Better!Broom | Coconut Palm Outdoor Broom

Sturdy Sweeper

Better!Broom is a sturdy coconut palm broom inspired by similar versions long used around the world. During a trip to China, Maker Susan Albrecht noticed locals sweeping up outside using rustic-looking brooms. The simple-but-effective design stayed with her, and when she couldn’t find it back home in the States, she created a better (and all-natural) way to sweep up.

The brooms are handmade with strong, flexible coconut tree palm fronds. The coconut coir (fiber from the husk) ties give extra durability, too. The result is a lightweight broom that can handle heavy sweeping jobs, while standing
up through years of outdoor use, too. From dirt and debris to leaves and even light snow, sweeping with this earth-friendly (and attractive) broom is indeed altogether better. Read More Read Less