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Great broom until................

8/9/2020 by Valeria

I have been using this broom for almost 2 yrs now....not heavy use. I was using it the other day, and the handle just snapped into 2 pieces right at the top of the broom head. It was a wonderful broom but I expect more than the handle breaking after only a couple of years. It has been stored out of the weather and has not been used by a heavy hand.......i'm not that strong a lady!!. I am very disappointed and now I have to find another broom.


Unique broom

5/3/2020 by Michalina

I really like this broom, but it’s noisier than a typical broom. The ring that holds the broom bristles down and level cracked and broke off shortly after purchase, bristles are no longer level but it’s still serviceable for now. So not as durable as touted.


great broom

9/13/2018 by Mary

Has very stiff brissels!!


Still evaluating.

10/9/2017 by Barb

I am a corn broom lover and go through at least one a year. The broom I received is really stiff and isn't as full as the one in the picture. It was a little awkward using inside my home as the area to sweep is not very large. It did work pretty well outside for leaves and dirt etc. The true test for me will be when the snow comes. I usually sweep anywhere from 1 to 3 inches of snow rather than shovel - much easier on the muscles and faster.


Falling apart

9/28/2017 by Brycie

I love the broom-I used similar version made with twigs in Germany. Unfortunately at least 1/3 of the
Broom broke/came off in the first 10 uses. I used it 1x daily to sweep concrete barn aisle.


Jury’s still out

8/19/2018 by Ashley

Based on the positive reviews, I bought this broom for my husband to use on our deck since he’s the chief deck sweeper in the family. He hated it; claims it’s too stiff and “too loud.”


Decorative, Not Useful

3/29/2018 by Darlene

I purchased this because it was described as a"better" broom. I like form AND function so I bought it. It doesn't work as well as most inexpensive brooms from the dollar store and the bristles break off a lot.


Sadly disappointed...

11/25/2018 by Sharon

I rarely ever write reviews, and even more rarely, a negative one, but this time I must. This was a supreme disappointment, that now I get to live with hubby's "I told you not to waste the money on this" comments from now on. It's WAYYYYY too stiff to do any good with anything. I may as well take a rake and try to sweep with it. FORGET it for the inside totally, and even for the porch, I have to make so many passes because it misses so much, that I just give up and go get my el-cheapo house broom to get dirt or snow off the porch. Save your money folks - just go get a dollar store yard rake. I wanted SO badly to love this broom :-(


Wish I had received it!

11/10/2018 by James

Would love to review your product but I have not received it nor do I think I ever will. Wish I knew what the problem is.
James A. Henrie

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The Better!Broom Story

Better!Broom | Coconut Palm Outdoor Broom

Sturdy Sweeper

Better!Broom is a sturdy coconut palm broom inspired by similar versions long used around the world. During a trip to China, Maker Susan Albrecht noticed locals sweeping up outside using rustic-looking brooms. The simple-but-effective design stayed with her, and when she couldn’t find it back home in the States, she created a better (and all-natural) way to sweep up.

The brooms are handmade with strong, flexible coconut tree palm fronds. The coconut coir (fiber from the husk) ties give extra durability, too. The result is a lightweight broom that can handle heavy sweeping jobs, while standing
up through years of outdoor use, too. From dirt and debris to leaves and even light snow, sweeping with this earth-friendly (and attractive) broom is indeed altogether better. Read More Read Less