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Was I surprised!

2/7/2015 by Robin

I needed a new wallet but I was very skeptical of the claims. However, since I needed it anyway I ordered one. I put all my credit cards and other store cards(22 in all), my money, my checkbook, and my grommet all-in-one tool and closed it. It was half as thick as my last wallet EMPTY. I love this wallet. Buy one.


Good buy

2/7/2015 by Alline

Love this wallet. I can use it for all my credit cards, gift certificates, ID, insurance cards and my money. It does not get fatter and take up a lot of room It looks good too.



2/6/2015 by jane

Love it. Holds everything I had in my old large bulky wallet. Takes up less room in my purse and is pretty.


Great improvement over leather wallet

2/6/2015 by nancy

I love this wallet! It is exactly as described and decreased the width of my wallet by at least 1 inch. I have a lot more room in my purse and the purple color makes it easy to find in a big bag.


Love Love Love this wallet

2/5/2015 by Mary

I have bought wallet after wallet with hope it would hold all I had to put in it without it blowing all out of shape. Well I bought this one and no more buying wallets. This holds my credit cards, my license, medical card, promotion cards, my cash, receipts, etc. (could go on) and you would have to see it to believe it. It folds so thin with all that is in it I am amazed when I reach for it and I can't believe how easy it is to find and also it TAKES NO ROOM AT ALL IN MY PURSE. Don't be afraid to try it, you will not be sorry.


Love It

2/4/2015 by Annette

My wallet was bulging and heavy, I needed something that had enough slots to hold all credit cards and money without being 3" thick.
This wallet is so super, it holds all I need and is so light weight I hardly know it's there. The purple color is easily spotted inside my dark purse.
I really love this, I'm very happy with my purchase!


My Mom Loves Hers!

2/1/2015 by Joanne

I ordered one of these for my Mom along with one of the wallets that can also hold a smart phone for me. She was reluctant to try it because she was certain it wouldn't work, but when I transferred everything from her huge leather wallet---even her checkbook and register, she was hooked! She has told me over and over how much she loves her new wallet, so that's a hit in my book!


Big Skinny

1/31/2015 by Mildred

This is a great Wallet! Love it. Thin but holds all my cards and everything I need to carry in a billfold. I highly recommend this wallet.


Great Wallet

1/26/2015 by Susan

Holds everything I need and is thin plus light weight!


slim and fully functional

1/25/2015 by Norine

I love this new trifold - a surprise since I was prepared not to like it - how could all that function be well done in a paper flat package.
I am a believer - my cards and license fit nicely into the pockets - the clasp is so much better than the zip around I used to use.
Nice fabric - and the purple color is great!

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The Big Skinny Story

Big Skinny - Performance Wallets

Sleek & Slim

Good looking, slim, and functional. That’s the story behind every Big Skinny wallet. Sleek and silky to the touch, the durable nylon micro-fiber shrinks the space needed by a traditional wallet. Its material is at least five times thinner than leather, meaning a Big Skinny is just 1/10 the thickness of a folded leather wallet.

Founder Kiril Stefan Alexandrov, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, spent years searching for the perfect thin wallet and came up empty. He wouldn’t rest until he developed one himself. He tested fabric after fabric--more than 75 combinations--until he found “the one.”

Big Skinny’s advanced nylon micro-fiber is durable, looks beautiful, and has a satiny feel. Kiril was inspired by an Italian luxury fashion house, who used a similar fabric for their globally popular tote bags.

On top of their aesthetic attributes, Big Skinny wallets are water resistant and machine washable, too. Kiss your bulky billfold goodbye, and your pocket or purse will thank you.
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