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Big Skinny

Slimvelope Tri-Fold Sample

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Reviews (4.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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9/13/2015 by Sally

I love this product! Had been looking for a long time for a wallet or something that would hold my cards with a good fit and that was comfortable to carry by itself outside of my purse if need be. My search is over!!! This fits exactly what I have been looking for and more!! I love it!!!!


Great wallet!

9/13/2015 by Jana

It was just what I was hoping it to be. In about 1/33 the thickness I was able to stash all that had been in my pervious wallet. Cards slide easily in and out of pockets. Really thrilled with it!


Excellent wallet!!

9/12/2015 by Anne

Not just good, excellent! What a difference! Takes up much less room, weighs next to nothing, has well designed and thought out compartments, it is the best! I got it in blue, easy to find in the dark depths of a purse.



9/10/2015 by Gayle

Delighted with my skinny wallet! Fits everything I have but reduces not only size but weight in my purse.



9/8/2015 by Jo

Fabulous Wallet! Everything I took out of my "fat" wallet fit perfectly and still very thin and takes up very little room in my purse! Thanks for a wonderful product!


Terrific Product

9/8/2015 by Brenda

Love the lightweight and it holds ALL of my "stuff"


Great wallet!

8/26/2015 by Sheri

I love my new Slimvelope wallet! It's nice to not have my old thick wallet, taking up so much room in my purse. I really like the material this wallet is made out of, too!



8/24/2015 by Judie

I waited until the purple came in and I really like it a lot. It holds everything that my other wallet did but it's extremely light and takes up very little room in my purse.


Great skinny wallet

8/7/2015 by Maggie

What a great, slim, light wallet. Easy to see in my purse, not think and clumpy or heavy.


Wonderful wallet

8/4/2015 by Susan

I've had so many compliments on my "skinny" wallet. And I barely took anything out of the 3 wallets I incorporated into this one. Got my husband the skinny version for him and I don't think we'll have any more giant bulges from his back pocket (good-by George Costanza wallet).

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The Big Skinny Story

Big Skinny - Performance Wallets

Sleek & Slim

Good looking, slim, and functional. That’s the story behind every Big Skinny wallet. Sleek and silky to the touch, the durable nylon micro-fiber shrinks the space needed by a traditional wallet. Its material is at least five times thinner than leather, meaning a Big Skinny is just 1/10 the thickness of a folded leather wallet.

Founder Kiril Stefan Alexandrov, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, spent years searching for the perfect thin wallet and came up empty. He wouldn’t rest until he developed one himself. He tested fabric after fabric--more than 75 combinations--until he found “the one.”

Big Skinny’s advanced nylon micro-fiber is durable, looks beautiful, and has a satiny feel. Kiril was inspired by an Italian luxury fashion house, who used a similar fabric for their globally popular tote bags.

On top of their aesthetic attributes, Big Skinny wallets are water resistant and machine washable, too. Kiss your bulky billfold goodbye, and your pocket or purse will thank you.
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