Bindle Bottle

Storage Water Bottle Case of 24

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Great product

6/6/2020 by Dawn

It keeps my ice water cold forever and I love the storage area. So creative and useful.


Great bottle, great hidden compartment

5/5/2020 by Andy

Love this bottle! A carabiner attaches it easily to my wheelchair. Compartment is quite handy and hidden , have my spare car key and a couple of Allen wrench’s in there for w/c maintenance. My brain does continually think there should be more liquid in there. If you put hot coffee in it be careful! As it cools the lid forms a suction and can be very hard to get off


Easy to carry around all the time

5/4/2020 by Alice

Great product, my son loved it


Very nice water bottle

11/15/2019 by Shelly

Great water bottle and handy compartment for keys, money, etc...Kept my water nice and cold.


Great place to hide valuables

11/1/2019 by Kathy

I used this at the beach while on vacation and found this very handy! Not only does it hold a lot to drink, the space to hold valuables, such as money and keys is great!


Pretty ingenious

7/22/2019 by Peter

I once lost my car keys at the beach and some cash at the gym. This handy dandy Bindle is the answer. Love it.


Storage Water Bottle

7/20/2020 by Doris

Good companion for the beach and to hide important stuff. Ideal for camping and relaxing in the beach, not to worry about hiding keys and money.

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The Bindle Bottle Story

Bindle Bottle | Storage Water Bottle

Stash and Dash

Bindle Bottle is not only a combination innovation, but springs from collaboration, too. Makers Charlie Crisan and Houston Max were introduced in 2017 by a mutual mentor. Athletes and nature lovers, Charlie and Houston recognized the critical role that a water bottle plays in daily life. By incorporating a twist-off secret compartment on the bottom, the staple doesn’t just replace the need to purchase bottled water, it also clears cluttered pockets and full hands.

The double-walled, vacuum-sealed design keeps drinks hot or cold for hours without affecting the temperature of goods in the
storage chamber. Deep enough to hold credit cards, IDs, car keys, headphones, or a snack, the Bindle Bottle is the perfect streamlined companion for the gym, dog parks, the beach, travels, or the office. Read More Read Less