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Bug Bite helper

8/2/2018 by Ming

I've tried it a number of times. It works so-so. Sometimes I have to do it 3 or 4 times to get it to work. You need to use it as soon as you get bit, before the poison starts spreading.



7/22/2018 by Karen

Battery cover won't stay on without a rubber band.
Got bite . Used. Pleased. So far so good.


Use as directed

6/10/2018 by Martha

My granddaughter felt that it got a little too hot but it did relieve some of the itching of a spider bite.



10/12/2017 by Peter

Convenient to carry and use. Seems to reduce the irritation. Decided to carry in my hiking backpack so it's always handy.


Sounds like it will help!!

9/8/2017 by Linda

We recently went on a family cruise with 20 people getting bitten on Labadee beach. Hope it works. Sounds like it will. Easy to hold. Can't give it a 5 until it is used.


Bite helper

9/1/2017 by Jan

You have to apply this within a few seconds of the bite. I did it immediately afterwards and it worked. The first time I waited until I got home from a walk and it did not help.


Great itch helper

8/27/2017 by Richard

I have found this Bite Helper to help relieve itching, not just mosquito bites. I allow the unit to heat up then rub it across the area of the irritation. I haven't tried it immediately after a mosquito bite as I don't carry it around all the time. Good product and well made.


Good, I think

8/25/2017 by Judith

I got 7 mosquito bites days after getting this product. Alas, I didn't have it with me for the first 36 hours. I used it for the remaining 5 days of irritation and felt relief afterwards, especially when alternating with periods of icing. Hopefully, I will have it with me for future bites.



8/14/2017 by Clinton T.

This unit seems to work as advertised. The principle seems to be the local application of heat, which breaks down the ected toxins under the skin. It does take several seconds to heat up, but after that it maintains temperature even while being used.
The tip doesn't get too hot to case pain, but it is quit warm, which, I suppose, is the point. I can see why they warn against children and paralyzed people using it. In general, it could be a good camping or hunting accessory.


I like it

8/14/2017 by Debbie

I used it on chigger bites. The bite doesn't go away but the itch does...I have to repeat the following day but it stops itching for a few hours.

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The Bite Helper Story

Bite Helper | Bug Bite Itch & Irritation Neutralizer

Itch Situation

Neutralize an itchy bug bite in 45 seconds.

This bug bite soother uses science to soothe your skin after mosquito, bee, wasp, or ant bites.

Female insects leave a toxic insect saliva and bacteria-laden mixture when they bite. But bacteria are thermolabile (they’re destroyed by heat), so Bite Helper uses heat to kill the bacteria. To improve blood flow in the affected area, which also helps your skin recover, a pulsing vibration is added in, too.

Its barely-thicker-than-a-pen design makes Bite Helper easy to take with you on mosquito-prone trips. We learned it works best when you use it in the
four-hour window right after the annoying insect assault.

Pack it with you for camping, game day, or an outdoor event—it’ll stop the itch and sting in its tracks.
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