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Bite Helper

Bug Bite Itch and Irritation Neutralizer Case of 15

Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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This can actually work!!

7/10/2017 by Raymond

Only have had a handful of bites so far, but I applied it until it got really uncomfortable heat wise, several times soon after the bite and sometimes again a few hours or even a day later and it seems to have worked! I usually scratch my itchys until I bleed so this is a godsend if it continues to work!! Thank you!!


Definitely helps the supersensitive

7/4/2017 by Anne

I have true allergic reactions to bug bites. The Bite Helper did not eliminate the reaction, but definitely helped it. I had to use it several times on each bite, but it brought the itch more or less under control and I haven't had to visit any emergency rooms. Definitely worth purchasing!


seems to be working so far

7/4/2017 by raymond

my wife gets bitten quite often, so far this is working well. Going to Hawaii this week, we'll give it a real test there.


Unreliable results

10/18/2018 by Barbara

I used the Bite Helper once on one mosquito bite and it neutralized the itching after I used it for two days and 4 applications.
I loaned Bite Helper to a friend who was badly bitten by fleas (about 30 bites). I showed her how to use it. She later said it only helped a little bit and for a short time. She used it for several days. She said she got more relief from rubbing the bites with rubbing alcohol.
I was pleased with my results but disappointed to hear that my friend received no lasting or effective relief.


Feels nice to ise

7/26/2018 by Amy

I used these on bites and don’t think they worked great. I did like the heat on the bite, instead of scratching it. It may work better if you use right away when bit. I used the next day after I realized I had been bitten


For bug bits

7/25/2018 by Rosalind

I can't say that it is any better than other remedies.


Feels good

6/18/2018 by Raymond

Feels good but not sure it relieves the itch or bump. We got it after the black flies season so will have to review later.



5/15/2018 by Ronald

Did not seem too effective on bites


Not effective on me

11/21/2017 by Richard

After using it for one day, it was not at all effective on me. I am a bug magnet, so maybe it is not a good test, but I do not like it.


Jury still out

8/16/2017 by Sharon

I am a bug magnet. While other people are sitting outside enjoying themselves, I am swatting away even with bug spray on. This helps on some bites but not on others. Will have to keep trying.

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The Bite Helper Story

Bite Helper | Bug Bite Itch & Irritation Neutralizer

Itch Situation

Neutralize an itchy bug bite in 45 seconds.

This bug bite soother uses science to soothe your skin after mosquito, bee, wasp, or ant bites.

Female insects leave a toxic insect saliva and bacteria-laden mixture when they bite. But bacteria are thermolabile (they’re destroyed by heat), so Bite Helper uses heat to kill the bacteria. To improve blood flow in the affected area, which also helps your skin recover, a pulsing vibration is added in, too.

Its barely-thicker-than-a-pen design makes Bite Helper easy to take with you on mosquito-prone trips. We learned it works best when you use it in the
four-hour window right after the annoying insect assault.

Pack it with you for camping, game day, or an outdoor event—it’ll stop the itch and sting in its tracks.
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