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Bite Helper

Bug Bite Itch and Irritation Neutralizer Case of 15

Reviews (4.2 out of 5 Grommets)

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7/11/2017 by Summer

I was really hopefully for this product because I live in mosquito laden south Florida but it really hasn't worked for us. It doesn't give a lot of directions on how long to zap the bite but after experimenting from long and shorter times, it still had the same results. Pretty bummed because I was really hoping it would be the answer for us.


Really wanted this to work

7/6/2017 by Jj

Bugs love me, I'm basically mosquito candy. I've had very good luck with everything I've ever purchased through this site so when I saw this Grommet I became very excited and hopeful.
Unfortunately, it didn't work for me at all. I tried it on several different bites throughout the past month but no luck. I find it hard to imagine that it might be because none of the bites were from mosquitoes when we are having a particularly bad year here in the Northwest due to such a wet Winter. Regardless, it provided no relief for me.


broken case

6/27/2017 by kathleen

As soon as I opened the package the battery cover fell off. It doesn't stay on.

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The Bite Helper Story

Bite Helper | Bug Bite Itch & Irritation Neutralizer

Itch Situation

Neutralize an itchy bug bite in 45 seconds.

This bug bite soother uses science to soothe your skin after mosquito, bee, wasp, or ant bites.

Female insects leave a toxic insect saliva and bacteria-laden mixture when they bite. But bacteria are thermolabile (they’re destroyed by heat), so Bite Helper uses heat to kill the bacteria. To improve blood flow in the affected area, which also helps your skin recover, a pulsing vibration is added in, too.

Its barely-thicker-than-a-pen design makes Bite Helper easy to take with you on mosquito-prone trips. We learned it works best when you use it in the
four-hour window right after the annoying insect assault.

Pack it with you for camping, game day, or an outdoor event—it’ll stop the itch and sting in its tracks.
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