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Hubby Loves It!

7/5/2017 by Louise

This was a Father's Day gift for my husband. And, he loves it! We recently moved to Florida and hubby is constantly scratching from bug bites. This little gizmo actually works and it's by his side always.


Great Product

7/5/2017 by Gary

Product works great. First time was to stop the itching on my daughter. Worked just like advertised.


Great Product

7/5/2017 by John

My wife just used this for the first time last evening and the itch did go away after using as directed.



7/4/2017 by David

Spent 4 days at a lake in Vermont! I was the hero of the group with this bite helper. I was lucky and never bitten but everyone who used it said it was amazing! Based on that Imwould recommend this to anyone who suffers from insect bites! All said it worked and plan to buy! Stops itching instantly!


It works!!!

7/4/2017 by Caroline

Farm life is wonderful except for the mosquitos!
I'm relieved to finally have the solution to constant bites by these little buggers.
I'm thrilled with the effectiveness of BITEHELPER!
I am planning on ordering another one as soon as they are back in stock.


Bite Helper

7/4/2017 by Celeta

This device works so well. My husband and I use it often.


A Miracle Product

7/4/2017 by Tiera

I am so glad that I decided to try this product. It has cut the time of intense itch at least in half. I have carried it with me everywhere and show it to everyone! They all think I'm crazy but my daughter and I love it!!! My only negative comment is that you have to use it repeatedly. It does take several uses, but ultimately it works!


Help for Bug Bites

7/4/2017 by Nita J

This has really come in handy. I have used it for my grandson, my great granddaughter, and myself. It really does help.



7/4/2017 by Gary

This thing works! I was surprised but have to admit it does work. For some relief from the itching I was pleasantly pleased with my purchase. Thank you for creating something better than using a hot spoon.


The Bite Helper!

7/3/2017 by MARCIA

This actually works! I live in the mountains of AZ and am surrounded by many many trees which brings with it multiple insect visitors, and some of them bite! And if I haven't put enough liquid garlic in my dogs food, I get my share of flea bites...this helps with those too! Wonderful! Thank!!!

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The Bite Helper Story

Bite Helper | Bug Bite Itch & Irritation Neutralizer

Itch Situation

Neutralize an itchy bug bite in 45 seconds.

This bug bite soother uses science to soothe your skin after mosquito, bee, wasp, or ant bites.

Female insects leave a toxic insect saliva and bacteria-laden mixture when they bite. But bacteria are thermolabile (they’re destroyed by heat), so Bite Helper uses heat to kill the bacteria. To improve blood flow in the affected area, which also helps your skin recover, a pulsing vibration is added in, too.

Its barely-thicker-than-a-pen design makes Bite Helper easy to take with you on mosquito-prone trips. We learned it works best when you use it in the
four-hour window right after the annoying insect assault.

Pack it with you for camping, game day, or an outdoor event—it’ll stop the itch and sting in its tracks.
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